The Revelation of the Pyramids 2011

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This might have been posted before but it really is worth looking at

The Revelation Of The Pyramids takes an in depth look into one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre.

However with over thirty-seven years of in depth research taking in sites from China, Peru, Mexico and Egypt, one scientist has as at last managed first to understand and then to reveal what lies behind this greatest of archaeological mysteries: a message of paramount importance for all mankind, through time and space.

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PostMon Aug 27, 2012 12:15 pm » by Chillitiger

I watched this a while ago, I love stuff on the ancient cultures. Great Vid. I might watch it again.

By the way John Anthony West has some of the BEST Doco's on ancient Egypt. I highly recomend them to anyone who is interested. Just search him up on you tube.

A guided tour with him is on my to do list. :D :D

I will link some vids later. Too sleepy....
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A few months ago I read a book titled "Thoth Architect of the Universe" written by Ralph Ellis. While watching this video it occurred to me that I had read everything that was in this video in that book by Ralph Ellis. When the video was over I looked for the credits thinking I would see Mr. Ellis's name but it wasn't there. Then I remembered him writing about an experience where someone had or did steal his work from this book. I don't recall the specifics of that situation as I was more interested in what was being revealed with the pyramids, but that isn't the reason for this post. The reason I'm posting is that "Thoth Architect of the Universe" has everything you find in this video and much more. In fact I would say there is probably twice as much information in Ellis's book on the pyramids with much more detail and then he goes on to decode Stonehenge and other hedges around the globe as well. I don't agree with all of his conclusions but really found his work to be very good. If you like what you see in this video there is much more like it in Ralph Ellis's book "Thoth Architect of the Universe"

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PostTue Aug 28, 2012 4:37 am » by Swissbrit

Ralph Ellis

Guest Writers

Other Articles by Ralph Ellis on this web site
Henge of the World

by Ralph Ellis

Were the Neolithic tribes simple hunter gatherer societies, or did they have a deeper understanding of our world. The world's largest Neolithic earthwork ring explained.
( From the Thoth Architect of the Universe)

The full moon rose sedately into the night sky, it bathed the Avebury henge in a pale luminous glow and the great monolithic stones threw translucent shadows out across the grass. The crisp night air was wet with dew and mist, the atmosphere was equally laden with expectation. Suddenly a ghostly figure stepped silently from behind one of the massive stones in the central ring, his head betraying the frightening outline of a wolf. The assembled masses on the great banks of the henge gave a muffled collective intake of breath.

A drum began a rhythmic beat, and the Shaman stepped softly from stone to stone in a circular dance, his feet stirring the few wisps of mist that clung to the long grass. The crowd too joined the chant, Bah!, Bah!, Bah!... The chant grew in confidence and pace, faster and faster and then, quite abruptly - he stopped. An eerie silence descended on the land once more, not a breath of wind stirred the night air. The Shaman pulled the heart of a bull out of a bag around his waist, it was fresh, dripping blood and gushing great clouds of steam into the night air. The Shaman slowly raised the heart up aloft, the blood dripping onto his mask and gave out a long and mournful cry to the heavens - aaaarrrrrooowwwwww! The crowd froze in fear. Far away, in the depths of the still night air, a lone wolf cried in return - aaarrroowwwww.

The type of portrayal above may be quite familiar for the Neolithic societies of North Western Europe, but it has been reproduced to illustrate a point. Why are we so comfortable with these images of Avebury and Stonehenge? Is it because these images are so alien to our modern culture that we can partition this era off, consign it to a barbarous past that has nothing to do with our modern lives? I suspect that this is part of the attraction. I would even go further and say that there are organisations in this world that would like to keep this idea going indefinitely, to keep us misinformed of our past. This may sound an odd thing to say, but come back to this section after reading the whole of this chapter, then read again the classical ideas on the rituals of the Avebury ring and see how primitive they really are.

So if the established concepts of Neolithic life are wrong, what are we to replace them with? How much did ancient man know of our world, how thorough was his educational system? These are the questions that we shall try to answer in the space of a few short pages and the answers that will emerge from this process will be quite astounding, yet quite difficult to dismiss. The starting point in this process was the great henges themselves. Like the great pyramids of Egypt, there have been many and varied ideas proposed as to the function of these amazing structures. Why did ancient man devote so much time and energy to their construction? If they were so important, as they evidently were, what was their true function? Just to brush off these questions with statements alluding to a 'religious and ritualistic function' is not an answer, it is a statement of ignorance. Ancient man knew why these monuments were built, so why don't we?

The answer to this is that perhaps we were not looking or understanding. We are trying to interpret these structures in our terms, to resolve their function within our established framework of history, religion and our position as masters of all knowledge. But perhaps we are wrong. Perhaps our concepts of our established history are based on phantom foundations, perhaps the concept of our chronological superiority in this world is unjustified. What if there was, long ago, a technically literate civilisation, one who designed and organised the construction of these magnificent monuments in both Wessex and Egypt. This may be a heretical proposal, but let us run with it and see what it will lead us to. What would a technical civilisation want to design into a megalithic monument?

For more

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PostTue Aug 28, 2012 12:28 pm » by 1ofus

I have read quite a lot of Ralph Ellis this last year. I've completed 8 of his books and am currently reading the 9th "King Jesus" and have already purchased the 10th "Mary Magdalene". I suppose it goes without saying that I really enjoy his books. it is abundantly obvious that he has put a lot of work into his craft. As I've stated before, I don't necessarily come to all the same conclusions that he does, but every time I pick up the book of his that I am reading I pick up additional pieces to my spiritual puzzle. This usually happens from something simple like a word definition that I was previously unaware of or just simply suggesting to me a different way of looking at something. It has been a joy to read what he has to say, however, I don't think he has a real good grip on the spiritual side of the equation, but in his defense, he never states or tries to show that he does. He has woven an extremely good literal picture but doesn't show or explain the spiritual aspect. For example, in decoding Stonehenge he identifies the 7 islands that Stonehenge is pointing to but doesn't realize that the builder is pointing to a spiritual truth that the physical islands represent. He paints a very good literal picture of how high we had ascended mentally at that time but not a very good spiritual picture. I think the islands point to where our spiritual progress had risen to. Hint, 7 islands for 7 seas. The seven seas are definitely a spiritual reference. We were sound in body and spirit not just physically or mentally.

Btw swissbrit thank you for the link.

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PostWed Aug 29, 2012 10:46 pm » by Phaeton

Excellent documentary.. Thanks for the headsup.
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