the scottish national party WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THIS !!!

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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 4:10 am » by Mrmcnuggets

saturnv wrote:can you imagine when america enters this crazzyness a big mac 12 dollers,a bud wiser 15 dollars a night at the movies 60 dollars if it works in scotland, it will work anywhere its called maximum proffiteering the greedy bankers!!! well the governments want apiece of that action !!!
i warned everyone here the new religion is GREED !!!

a night at the movies will already run like 30 bucks for two people (taken if you get drinks and munchies. 60 is def a good bill estimate if a family were to go.) But a big mac for 12 bucks? i mean.. There are some dumb people here, but I don't see anyone shelling out 12 bucks on a big mac lmao.

Is there a reason they are raising the alcohol prices? (ie, is scotland not making enough money on booze, or are there just too many drunks and they feel like raping them?)

hang in there man.
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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 4:45 am » by Tgwusauk

Well, well, well, watch the national outcry now because the people who like a drink are going to get shafted, spare a thought for the people who liked to smoke, who have already been shafted!!
Lots of people jumped on the bandwagon listening to phoney statistics regarding smoking and got all high and mighty, I told them all to be aware because they will take away something you like one day, and to most Brits, here it is, making it only affordable to the monied people, or forcing the lesser off people to make radical choices, alcohol or kids food.
Smoking ban was not about anybody's health, it was about control the masses, this is the next step, get with the programme going on here, if someone would have said to you 15 years ago they will ban smoking in pubs and football grounds, you would have laughed and said yer right, well, it's not funny now is it?

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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 4:50 am » by Malogg





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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 6:43 am » by Allreadydead

The sheeple will all clap and say wonderful, taxing alcohol will help stop drunks etc. just like they thought upping the tax on cigarettes was great - I'm afraid the average UK citizen or in this case, Scots citizen, is a fucking moron who wanders through life getting shafted left, right and centre by TPTB - and they really do actually think it's for their benefit!!

Next on the agenda will be food, oh yes, let's tax 'fatty' food - I can hear some prick of a politician coming up with that - 'health reasons'. protecting children, blah blah blah.

What they should say is: "Hey fuckwits, we want more of your money and this is just another stealth tax! - shut the fuck up and just pay!"

I can see a 'fish & chip' tax, a 'Curry' tax and my favourite will be the dreaded haggis tax! - if you knew whats in a real haggis, you would run screaming, but I eat it with a glass of whisky, followed by a cigarette, so I'll be paying a fortune to the bastard bandit politicians!!

Eventually, they'll tax sex - they have taxed every other fucking thing people enjoy, so lets have a shafting tax - you shaft - they shaft you - simple!

It will make filling in your tax form interesting, and the Tax Inspector will turn up with a printout of how many condom's you purchased, or the number of batteries you bought for your girlfriends 15 inch 'black man-dingo' vibrator - you'll have to slap your 'meat & two veg' out for 'assessment' - I can see the Tax Inspector, complete with ruler, measuring your dues: "Emmm, Mr.________, you owe £60 per inch, so thats £240 please!"
[editors note: in fact it would run to thousands of pounds.............cough, cough, :oops: ]

Until, at some future date, they'll Tax you for just being alive and breathing...........Oh shit! they already do!........... :mrgreen:

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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 8:04 am » by Kayla

Its really getting out of hand now, the average person who works their butt off all week just can't afford to live anymore, soon there will be an air tax.
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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 8:16 am » by Bandanko

allreadydead wrote:Next on the agenda will be food, oh yes, let's tax 'fatty' food - I can hear some prick of a politician coming up with that - 'health reasons'. protecting children, blah blah blah.

Eventually, they'll tax sex - they have taxed every other fucking thing people enjoy, so lets have a shafting tax - you shaft - they shaft you - simple!

they're already considering taxing fatty foods matey and Ho's pay tax too :flop:

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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 9:47 am » by Istvan12

You can try the cure that I do here in Canada .. basicly in our grocery stores the price for good products went up in price and the crap when down. Most sheeple think they are getting a deal cause of this.

I for one now buy my main foods from local farmers who are more then happy to sell directly to local people as they get more then what the government is giving them and is still ALOT less then what their own product is being sold for on the market..

So in the end, I still get the good stuff, while saving money, and the local farmers get more money this way too :)

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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 11:12 am » by Pitchke

Its taxes and speculating on resources that is destroying our economy!


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