the search for the messiah

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PostWed Nov 02, 2011 4:05 pm » by Talleywacker

if he does not come forth or dosnt commit suicide before hand :). the powers of the world will unleash the machine. they will round you up and terminate every one and everything to find this being. this being is the beast just like you well if your not jew/kazar. this being is obviously not like you or me . supposedly this being shall maintain pureness even though hes living in modern society. how will they find him? well when the incinerators start puffing out smoke he will be found. the cremation of care will be held on a global scale. see when u are burned your soul is released from the pysical form un able to return in human form. anywho he will be found because he is the only one who will not burn. how u say? well through all of us is an energy the same energy than can be found in all living things. when u are aware of this energy u can use it, and are able to manipulate all other things. can you radiate your energy out ward from your body yes you can researchers now are finding this out.

and when they find this being will the destruction stop? im sorry no it wont. they will find a way to kill this being like i said if he dosnt do it himself. and will replace with the false messiah.

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