- The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima disaster

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Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Disaster
Vatic Note: This is a MUST listen, however, he ruined it by using Alex Jones as an expert on this since Alex refuses to acknowledge the role of Israel, Rothschild khazars and associates. Is Richard Hoagland for real or is he a minion of the elite??? He is ex NASA and still walking around..... I just wonder. Red Ice has always been straight up, but who knows these days anymore. Watch this and decide for yourself. He also neglects to mention anything about Haarp or the tidal wave weapon that was used in Japan when he discusses geological changes that he says will take care of the depopulation issue. So each of us has to decide. I have a slight problem with accepting all that Hoagland says. But you decide, I still do not know for sure, I will wait until he is finished and gives us his bottom line.

Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Disaster

Uploaded by RedIceRadio on Mar 22, 2011

In this program, we discuss the "Secret Space Program" and the concept of a breakaway civilization. Someone with a more sophisticated and advanced technology, from Earth, has created for themselves a completely different capability to go into space, to utilize resources and maybe even to settle on other planets. Is this a plausible theory? Could this really be happening? Richard C. Hoagland from enterprisemission.com and author of "The Monuments of Mars" and "Dark Mission", returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss some of these ideas.

Richard tries to shed light on the possibility that most of humanity has been kept in the dark about. Topics Discussed: the other space program, advanced technology, Timothy Good, Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, the Secret Space Program, breakaway civilization, anti-gravity, free energy, Star Trek, the Nazis, the Hebrews, the Bible, natural cycle of cataclysm, the yuga cycles, the superwealthy elite, banksters, uranium and plotunium, Japanese earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, war in Libya, philosophical roots of the idology and more.


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I think this is entirely possible, first consider recently how large the military industrial complex is as found in Top Secret America by the Washington Post. Next, compare patent office applications and build a time-line comparing public technological advancements with patents backed by private investment. You will find two technological time lines exist, 1 we know about, the other which makes the case that what we are dealing with as regard to UFOs are ours. Who ever they are appear to be about 20 years ahead technologically, but in understanding the science they are about 50 years ahead. Next take a look at the appearance of ufo craft over each decade and see how they have changed in design and manufacture - perhaps from an engineers point of view. Next, consider how many people worked on the huge top secret Manhattan Project and how few if any in the public sector knew about it. Next compare abduction cases and human/ animal mutilations and compare the body parts taken with trends in biological research. Compare the nature of said research with the history of human experiments and the results are chilling.
Consider the fact that before the appearance of the strange symbol that is the alien grey, that all ufo contact cases and abductions were by humanoids.
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Yes a very good listen Acee22 thanks for profiling this subject which encompasses so much.
I am not sure as I agree that 2012 is necessarily a countdown to a major bad event because there is so much info on these forums and a split of opinion as to whether we go through a Dna change in consciousness, who knows.

Some good points are brought up however including why the spread of radiation has not been more severe from Japan world wide and why did an advanced country like Japan store spent 20 year old nuclear fuel rods in an area susceptible to natural disasters with only a 25 foot tsunami defence wall? A conspiracy thorists heaven this material :flop: :look:
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not sure with 2012 either the likes of davied wilcocks say dna upgrade has already started
he has investgated some interesting stuff

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