The Secret: The Spirituality of Narcissism

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PostWed Jul 21, 2010 10:12 pm » by Eliakim

harbin wrote:Perhaps I am reading this incorrectly, but I disagree with this statement. Babies are born innocent for sure, but babies are not nice. They are greedy, needy, self centered things, as they should be, btw.Parents are certainly a major influence on the child, but love, and the giving of love is something that is learned, not innate, for most humans, if ever learned at all.

We will have to agree to disagree.

Energetically, the baby looks into the eyes of the mother with total adoration from the day it is born, if the mother was also in adoration of the child when it was in the womb.

We know that the consciousness of the mother as a huge impact on the consciousness of the child. Birthing a baby is an incredible initiation of life. For the mother and the child. I was talking to someone the other day and their child got heavily into drugs at a very young age. It turns out that the mother was also under the influence of drugs during pregnancy and it was a very traumatic birth for both mother and child.

Children are a bundle of joy and love even in the womb. Only a mother would know that if they are in tune with their bodies and that which is inside them. That is why many women blossom in pregnancy. It is due to the love inside them of new life that brings the love.

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PostWed Jul 21, 2010 10:42 pm » by Lowsix

eliakim wrote:Those that judge the EGO have bought into belief systems from the East that have co-created a situation of judging the self. When a person judges the self they then judge others due to their perceptions of the self. So we then have a never ending cycle that few have the awareness to break due to not seeking within for the root causes of the core issues.

The part of the self that is Ego, should be judged and monitored.
Self aware, self correcting people, dont tend to project their
judgement of themselves onto others, rather the opposite.
It is the unaware, non self-critical participants in ego worship that do this.

eliakim wrote:When people heal/purify themselves they then move to the point that they come to understand and know that EGO is the sheer power of God. The I AM. it is what you do with that power of God's energy that is freely given that really counts.

Wrong, the Ego is not the power of God (capital G, in your quote).
Equating IAM with the creation of the universe, as the demiurge is alleged to have THE first sin. I AM is the first rebelliion or the first doubting thought of Ahriman, which produced the persian codes, and in the gnostic codes, THE sin of Samael. Here you have reversed it to call it the power of (big G) God.

The source, is rather a unity..and not a self-referencing entity.
Only the entity that doubts, needs to self-reference.
The EGO self references.

EGO in both Latin and Greek is 'I'.

eliakim wrote:Now 'I' can be selfless or it can be altered to be the reverse.

You just erroneously defined the power of God, the power of 'I AM' to be God's (big G) source of power..the recognition of, which by ITS DEFINITION (the one you provided) cannot be selfless. Therefore cannot be altered to serve anything OTHER than self. The sacrifice of the ego, to return to unity, was the purpose of Christs crucifixion. Christ was the analogy of the sacrifice of the EGO..and submersion into the river of life as an agent for the source, by NOT being I AM...and instead serving OTHERS...not feeding the part that gives us our singular minded, self-interested drives int he first place.

eliakim wrote:When people cease to judge the self, then they cease to judge others. When they are able to do that then they are ready to receive the justice and divine instructions from God.

Wrong, when they cease to judge themselves, they cease to note benchmarks in their spiritual journey, much less find reasons to be more diligent against the influence of their egos, or their shadows...and less willing to absorb and overcome our baser impusles...which is a constant battle.

When they cease to judge themselves, they cease to grow. They begin to rebel against the idea that there is an over-arching law of right and wrong (based on its net effect in intent and consequences) applied to every single one of our actions and they begin to lose sight of the fact that we are eventually judged (perhaps by our higher self) for every single one of our actions, and their consequences. That is the divine justice...

By saying that people need not judge themselves,
you are saying they are whole as a natural state of being,
and this is simply never the case.....ever.
Becoming whole means sacrificing the ego in service to the OTHER (ie others).
Becoming whole means benchmarking your own personal nbattle with your personal devil.
Becoming whole means overcoming your animal instinct, not by virtue of repression, but by virtue of recognition. Attempting to overcome natural impulses while denying their influence creates Neuroses...and many modern christians have it.

They have done exactly what you are proposing they should do.
Stopped judging themselves. They Participate in EGO (since it is the source of Gods power). They no longer evaluate themselves or their actions or accept the contents of their shadows...they project their internal demons onto OTHERS..and then on top of state that they can somehow attain selflessness by embracing SELF?

Rather, what it takes, to receive the 'justice and divine instructions from God" is, in fact, a sacrifice of the ego. The death of the self. Not the revelation in it, or glorification of it..since the self by definition only reference itself, and act in its own self-interest. And actions based on the satisfaction of EGO has been THE root cuase of every evil delivered onto this world since the first doubting thought of I AM.

The source has no need to say 'I am'. Or 'there are no others before me'.
Both are self evident statements. I AM is the rebellious thought.
Becuase it infers separation from a source, by indentifying (falsely) its independent nature, when in fact the self is a subset of WHAT IS..and therefore cannot be the first cause, therefore its reaffirmation that I AM, IS the first doubt...and the cause of the angelic downfall...

Because to think..I sooo seductive.

And to say I AM NOT, is a threat to the ego...the self..who you were as a person.
Hence those that threaten to sacrifice their own egos,
are immdiately met with stiff resistance from the
powers that derive THEIR power from our egos.

This story is the source of all hero myths ever written.

The epitome of the true first cause of Evil.

Self. Ego. I AM. Narcisism...
And there is no spirituality in it.
The op is wrong.

The Self is your hidden nemesis..hiding in place sight.
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