The Seven Seals...sixth one has been broken?

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PostTue Dec 28, 2010 9:57 am » by Chronicnerd

So I will keep this short, but anyone else that would like to add to this thread...please feel free:

We all know about the "Seven Seals"...I am sure you have watched one or two shows about this...and/or just knew about it from the Book of Revelations.

* First Seal - Conquest, White horse
* Second Seal - War, Red Horse
* Third Seal - Famine, Black Horse
* Fourth Seal - Death, Green or Pale Horse
* Fifth Seal - Vision of martyrs
* Sixth Seal - Cosmic disturbances: sun turns black, moon turns blood red; sealing of the 144,000
* Seventh Seal - Prelude To The 7 Trumpets of 7 Angels & The Final Judgement

So I am going to focus on the sixth and seventh seals...seeing as:

First through fourth seals: The four horsemen...pretty much you can find similarities in many historical records for these signs...

The fifth seal is related to "Holy Wars"...I think we can look at the middle east and see plenty of that happening...

So up to this point, we can pin-point many historical (recent and not to recent) events that "very well could be" the first through the fifth seals "being broken".

What this post is about is...the sixth and seventh seal...

I was sick during the Lunar Eclipse that only happens every 465 I was doing this I happened to be watching the "Nostradamus Effect" (The seven seals)...and heard something that sent chills down my spine...
The Sixth Seal:
Then I watched while he broke open the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; the sun turned as black as dark sackcloth 11 and the whole moon became like blood.

A great earthquake...

The sun turned as black as dark sackcloth:

and the whole moon became like blood:

The seventh seal:
This is, in my opinion, going to unveil itself in the next two years...however I am leaving the interpretation up to you your thoughts...or move along to something else...this is nothing more than is a bit...disturbing...the similarities of the sixth seal and recent events.


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PostTue Dec 28, 2010 12:48 pm » by Mediasorcerer

hi mate,good observation,you are right,it is the 6th sign the moon sun etc,i jus wanted to say,dont be fearful,life has allus been a trial of survival,folks died today everywhere on earth an they wernt hit by the apocalypse,

we oni live in the moment,and frankly,if i couldnt live with me family n friends,id a rather get wacked by armafukingeddon anyhow.

just enjoy u moment,the earth will be fine,bear in mind,that only the highly educated were taught to write in the centuries gone by,and hi learning has allus been controlled by the elite ruling and priestly classes,and who knows what they have altered to create different meanings from the ancient original texts of the bibles,it could easily be just the awakening of a new age of mankind,not an apocalypse!!

besides,if youve become this far,youd know were spiritual beings,with an eternal flame ,so death is just a shedding of the heavy vehicle and a release into a more truer state for the spirit,its like going home fukin,so peace to you,let your heart be light,and spread u love to those that matter,
while u can fukin!!!!!
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PostTue Dec 28, 2010 9:19 pm » by Freeyourmindnow

interesting :look: an other 2012 doomtheory than

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PostTue Dec 28, 2010 9:23 pm » by Epicfailure

I would like to add that this was NOT the first time the moon turned red, it happened 456 years ago too....

based on that the cycle you are referring to is out of order.

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PostTue Dec 28, 2010 9:38 pm » by Zer0

On 30 June 1503, Christopher Columbus beached his two last caravels and was stranded in Jamaica. The indigenous people of the island welcomed Columbus and his crew and fed them, but Columbus' sailors cheated and stole from the natives. After six months, the natives halted the food supply.[6]

Columbus had on board an almanac authored by Regiomontanus of astronomical tables covering the years 1475–1506; upon consulting the book, he noticed the date and the time of an upcoming lunar eclipse. He was able to use this information to his advantage. He requested a meeting for that day with the Cacique, the leader, and told him that his god was angry with the local people's treatment of Columbus and his men. Columbus said his god would provide a clear sign of his displeasure by making the rising full Moon appear "inflamed with wrath".

The lunar eclipse and the red moon appeared on schedule, and the indigenous people were impressed and frightened. The son of Columbus, Ferdinand, wrote that the people:
“ with great howling and lamentation came running from every direction to the ships laden with provisions, praying to the Admiral to intercede with his god on their behalf... ”

Columbus timed the eclipse with his hourglass, and shortly before the totality ended after 48 minutes, he told the frightened indigenous people that they were going to be forgiven.[6] When the moon started to reappear from the shadow of the Earth, he told them that his god had pardoned them.

When you know something other people do helps you become more scary.

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PostWed Dec 29, 2010 12:19 am » by Chronicnerd

epicfailure wrote:I would like to add that this was NOT the first time the moon turned red, it happened 456 years ago too....

based on that the cycle you are referring to is out of order.

You would be right if the other 5 seals had been 'broken' 465 years ago...however the order of the whole Revelations 'thing' is that each seal would be broken in a sequential order...and as such...since the earth quake, solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse happened in sequence this year...and due to the fact that many prominent historians and theologians believe the five seals had already been 'broken'...

It makes these events if this year was the sixth seal being 'broken'.

Good observation on the repeating Lunar if it was only 1 seal (not seven) and it depended on the earth quake, solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse to happen...I would be more at ease...but the sad truth is that it is seven seals and the five seals are thought to have been already 'broken'.

And as such...why I am thinking if this is the sign of the sixth seal...then all we have left is number 7...

Make sense?

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PostWed Dec 29, 2010 12:55 am » by Jeckk

"First Seal - Conquest, White horse"

This could be just about anything.

"Second Seal - War, Red Horse"

Again, this could be anything.

"Third Seal - Famine, Black Horse"

Could be a famine of food, water, money, people, ideas, etc. too vague.

"Fourth Seal - Death, Green or Pale Horse"

Again, can be interpreted a billion ways.

"Fifth Seal - Vision of martyrs"

Could be dreams, could be on tv, could be in the news, could be ideas, etc.

"Sixth Seal - Cosmic disturbances: sun turns black, moon turns blood red; sealing of the 144,000"

The sun turns black everyday to us, and the moon turns red during harvest moons all the time. and the number 144,000 could be a million different things.

"Seventh Seal - Prelude To The 7 Trumpets of 7 Angels & The Final Judgement"

This is so vague that it could also be anything.

What's the point of my post? Just trying to show how silly it is to attempt at merging vague statements to reality.

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PostWed Dec 29, 2010 1:35 am » by Mike184ever

could be.On one of these sites I posted back in 2006 that winter solstis and the celebration of light intersected in 2011 and that that would be a great time for the return of Christ and stuct my head out that summer of 2007 there would be a definate turn in the wish I knew which site cause we had the banks fail and over the world in general since Aug.2007 have been krap
As for Nancy Lieder,,,doom on her....such a waist of animal life and time in general 10 years in the making :alien:

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PostWed Dec 29, 2010 11:23 am » by Stratosfear

I would suggest looking up how many lunar eclipses happen every year. At least two a year. Every year. Not every 400 odd years. It's been 400 and something years since the last Total Lunar Eclipse occured on the winter equinox. The next one will be in around 80 years.
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PostWed Dec 29, 2010 6:03 pm » by Antechrist

The Book of Revelation is prophetic writing depicting Christ victorious over His enemies. It has been a source of hope for centuries, almost millenia. It includes an admonition not to add nor detract from the prophecy. You would do better to study the languages that brought the Book to an English reading/writing rather than inviting others to judgment. Islam has taken that Book and turned it into a weapon of mass destruction. Be careful you don't do the same.
St. Elijah (cf. §784, Catholic Catechism),
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the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matt. 24:30)


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