The sheeple of pakistan are awakening.

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PostMon Oct 08, 2012 4:28 pm » by Pateriot

The Pakistani sheeple are finally waking up that all the problems in the World are caused by the Jews. Meanwhile their barbaric faith terribly oppresses its own people and those who come into contact with it. Girls are killed and maimed for daring to get an education, or drive, or go outside without a male relative, or..., Churches are burned to the ground and Christians persecuted, anyone who says or does something that some nut thinks is an affront to their prophet, religious book, or religion is either imprisoned, beaten, or killed, anyone who converts from Islam is subject to be killed, and so on. Yet the Jews caused 911...because it is so inconceivable that Islamists would do such a dreadful thing!! Your hatred of Jews has completely clouded your sense of reason and warped your view of the World!

Jews may have a disproportionate share of wealth and power around the World and to, at times and places, have agendas that might not have the best interests which are self serving, but they are far from running the World or a source of all evil throughout it.

Also, Jews are not a monolithic group. They are individuals that share some common beliefs roughly based on the Old Testament writings as well as other ancient works. They tend to be intelligent, good business people, and to do business with others that share their beliefs. This does not make them evil by any stretch of the imagination but does make them tend to be among the most successful people around the World. This in turn elicits jealousies from the simple minded and those seeking an escape-goat for the anger and frustrations.


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