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PostTue May 17, 2011 3:32 am » by Mediasorcerer

punjedi wrote:Kind of leans one direction don't it?

I understand the purpose of this post, but it would be nice to see a quiz on such a topic that actually had some objectivity to it.

Besides, it was so obviously A all the way ;)

i find it actually very accurate,it perfectly expresses the lack of wilingness to open there eyes,and accept that things are not what they seem.
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PostTue May 17, 2011 3:36 am » by Roadkill

Stupid test...

So if you do NOT agree you are pop culture sheeple
If you do Agree, you are conspiracy Theorist sheeple

Your "B" answers do not match my thinking at all.
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PostSun May 22, 2011 10:21 am » by Doggings

they copied the idea from here and rewrote the questions as yes/no answers on their own agenda.

the original version is much better, you dont have to believe any / all con theories to not be a sheeple ... -the-quiz/

they wrote about their imposter here too

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PostSun May 22, 2011 11:34 am » by Smokingbuddha

You're all sheep black or white. A black sheep wandering all its lonesome is just as bad as white sheep following a Shepard who leads them into a slaughterhouse.

Take it from someone who used to be a wolf. Those lead astray are indeed the easiest to devour.

Just because you've researched something on the internet for a week or even a couple of weeks does not make you an expert in science and medicine. People go to school for years just to get an inkling of understanding. Masters of alternative ways spend their entire lives. All such things do is make you believe you are an expert, believe the world is out to get you etc.

Yes, there is a gap between western notions and alternative thought, but everyday science encroaches upon mysticism's boundaries.

Where once was god science is <---Of course this is how most under the western paradigm (black or white sheep) are located in thought. Little do they know the laws of science and the laws of what many of you would call god are one. Magic and science are the same. Spirit and material. Energy and Matter. Numbers and deeply profound feelings. All just the same thing from differing viewpoints. All are grasping after an infinity which can never truly be grasped.

So is it A or is it B? Or are both a and b merely constructs created to make a boundless universe bounded and easily defined, cutting away the infinite amount of information that is contained within every minutia of existence?
My right hand begets creation, my left destruction, clasped together the two become one and thus is born my epithet as the great preserver.


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