The Shift is About to Hit the Fan! Observations Confirmed?

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PostWed Jun 29, 2011 8:35 pm » by Tuor10

So the shift of the axis has alreadyy occurred?
That would explain a lot.

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PostWed Jun 29, 2011 9:44 pm » by Shiva777

nah...altzheimers is increasing among indigenous cultures..

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shiva777 wrote:nah...altzheimers is increasing among indigenous cultures..

true :flop:

Already 24-37 million people worldwide live with the incurable form of dementia, and that number is projected to reach 115 million by 2050, a panel of Alzheimer's disease experts told the US house committee on foreign affairs. As women bear fewer children and the population ages, the world will become increasingly ill-prepared to cope with large numbers of dependent elderly people and must begin investing more in research to prevent the disease, they said.

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes ... ch-disease

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PostWed Jun 29, 2011 9:57 pm » by Chronicnerd


Actually this started happening back in January and was the primary reasons for all of the strange anomalies we have been seeing. Weather patterns changing and the like...

However, It is not the axial pole that is shifting, but rather it is the magnetic poles that are *reducing* as new magnetic poles form.

A thread with a lot of this information posted awhile back:

Supporting Articles:

An article on one of the anomalies:

Another article:

The bottom line:
Earth's magnetic fields are shifting because the Suns magnetic fields already flipped about 9 years ago:

The Earth's Dynamo will slowly re-orient itself to the new "Sun poles", depending upon field variation and the like, depends upon how much adjustment the dynamo (inside earth) will shift itself.

When the Earth's dynamo shifts, the fields break up into "smaller poles"... which then reduces the over-all geomagnetic field...which then allows more solar radiation into specific areas (gaps between the fields)...which then leads to crazy/abnormal weather.

The axis will not shift with the magnetic field, however tectonic stress will "nudge" the axial positions over time. The unanswered question is "how much".

This tension has been building up since around 2001 (above Nasa link to "Sun doe a flip"), and as such Earth quakes like:

Chile Earth Quake:

Japan Earth Quake:

As well as many other Earth Quakes that haven't hit major areas (i.e. no real need to have news for something that occurs in the middle of the ocean and doesn't immediately harm anyone).

The bottom of this line:
The Earth's magnetic pole shift has already been happening. The results of this shift are said to be "unknown" or "will take thousands of years". However, this data is backed on the fact that there is no coupling of "potential" energy deployed by the dynamo and the magma under the Earth's crust as well as the tectonic stresses that are being added to already seismically active regions.

So, as the fields become more disrupted and move the axis will not move with the magnetic fields, but they will add additional "strain/energy" to seismically active regions that will then "fire off" eventually...and cause a "nudge" of the Earth's axis. As such, the pole shift happens over (X) period of time via (Y) number of Earth Quakes that "nudge" the axis away from its original region of the planet (as we know it).

I guess...yeah...the Earth's poles are shifting...and each time we have a 7.0+ quake it could be inducing "micro-nudges" or in some of the larger 8.0+ quakes "mini-nudges" of the Earth's axial balance, that in turn "shifts" the poles.

The biggest concern is understanding all of the energy going into this "spring loaded" model to determine if there will, one day, be a very large (i.e. 10.0+) quake that could be a reasonable "bump" to the Earth's axis. This has, historically, happened before in the past but there is not enough understanding (or open/free knowledge) on whether or not the Earth will have one of these "bumps" during this current magnetic pole shift (which is typically followed by an axial shift...but in little mini/micro shifts)



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