The Spiral of Life

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PostSat Aug 18, 2012 7:48 pm » by Lucidlemondrop

99socks wrote:Leaven=bullshit.

It can!

To be consistent in the meaning of leaven in Bible use it must always be in connection with insincerity, such as being puffed up or false or outgrowing the original.


Great reply!

I will get back with you on that~
What a long strange trip it's been..............

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PostSat Aug 18, 2012 10:34 pm » by SamueltheLion


b read

be read by whom?

the christ within

in the book of life?

is our creativity "wrong"?

einstein SAID imagination is more important than knowledge, he's dead (elsewhere) now, so who is willing to LIVE it with me now? :D

Enjoying this spiral

thought i would post this

Upload to

Upload to

am i on a trip?

am i on drugs?

yes, i'm on many, and they are all called life.
Your faith will make you whole

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PostTue Aug 21, 2012 3:20 pm » by Seriouscitizen

1ofus wrote:
Seriouscitizen wrote:tower of babel,. a spiral towards heaven seeking direct contact with god. What does this analogy tell us. You see how the picture depicts that god is in the middle of that spiral.
Tho RELIGION tells us, that in our vanity and pride we were WRONG to seek direct contact with god.

Can we trust that?

Can we trust there is an absulute duality inevitable between right and wrong?

Do we trust what the Bible says?

So what happened, we were punished by "god" and we werent able to finish the spiral tower. Our languages were divided into different SYMBOLS and words. Is that what happened?

Thus we would never seek direct contact with god again?

What are your thoughts and knowledge abut this story/analogy?


I credit the story of the tower of babel as the verses that finally forced me to remove the blinders and really start to scrutinize what is being said between the covers of this so called holy book.

The story says what it says, it says that the gods (plural) stopped us (mankind) from doing what we would've been able to achieve otherwise without their resistance. I believe the tower of babel (confusion) represents mankind's intellectual ascension, as I've mentioned before, and the language that they scattered to prevent our ascension is the metaphoric language that I've spoken of.

I will go one step further and state that with this metaphoric language it can be easily seen that the gods are preventing us from ascending. The mind or spirit doesn't need physical sustenance or food. When you read verses in the bible about eating, the spiritual meaning is learning. We even use this metaphor on a regular basis, "chew on that for awhile". Another word is working, spiritually this means searching (btw that is how I came to DTE, I was searching for ideas.) So when god says work six days and then stop on the seventh he is saying look or search this long but stop looking and learning on the seventh day (year). One more thing I would add is if you don't stop looking and learning you then become a sinner (whatever that is) and you are now his adversary or Satan. If you turn around and return home or forget what you learned he shows mercy and forgives you.

I like your reply 1ufo. This is what i was thinking exactly.

God God God,

Knowing we can create things whitin a pure consciousness is cliche, it is our godly creativity,.
We can Think this is true, Or feel this is true.
But we need experiences to proof this is true or else we can disclaime this very thing at the same time we claim it.

The story:
There was this one question we couldn't ask "god"' the actual combination of all energies that created us after we were created. "how did he do it?"

Why can you ask yourself we couldn't ask our creator this?

What would have happened if he would have given us this answer?

1) we would have stopped experiencing the whole before we start a new
2) we could have known in our mind but wouldnt have acutal experience doing so
3) we could have made our OWN interpretation on the answer taken out of context. IT is an answer outside ourselves not INside ourselves. This could create fanatics (like other religions)

So why create an image (human) perfect and in likeness of yourself and than disclaim its own power by giving all the anwers on a presentationplate. That's kind of contradicting isn't it?

This spiral we are.. our behaviour, our learning process

If we take all the things we have experienced when we get to the middle,. How on earth could we ever disclaim our diviness after all we have learned and manifested for ourselves.

IN the middle of the spiral where the heart and the mind speak at the same time is when the soul is clean but all in all with every information and energy there is. No Karma, No fanatics, No doubts, Just is in perfect balance..

That could mean:
Also NO good or evil. Just is,. THe goods and the bads are the opposite ends of the SAME spectrum,.. Simply meet in the middle.// And allow every good and bad to happen for you to really HAVE the experience.. Simply forward/growth feeling happy. Backwards/destruction feeling pain and chaos.

Honesty will learn us than to fully feel ALL of our feelings in order to understand and learn from them..

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PostThu Oct 11, 2012 3:09 pm » by Seriouscitizen


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