THE STORY OF CREATION: A Modern Symbolic Interpretation

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Hi Everyone!

It's been a little while ... I'm just dropping in for a quick post to say hello and share some links to the various, shall I say, more spiritual side of the mission I've been working on in recent months. I'm glad to see some of you still posting (Duk, Slush, etc.).

I am openly providing this PowerPoint video, "THE STORY OF CREATION", as a form of new-age spiritual enlightenment through what I have previously shared as my "FUSIAM" philosophy (pronounced FUSE-I-AM). I believe this spiritual philosophy (please don't call it a new religion) creates a logical framework or context to bring most religious and scientific perspectives together under one unifying concept (which is one of my primary goals) while at the same time it creates the foundation for what I call the "perceptional transformation" required for everyone to fully grasp and hopefully implement various aspects of my global initiative, "THE 999 PLAN", to positively improve our society's progress, socialization, usage of resources, and all related geo-political & economic factors.

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In an effort to gain much more visibility for "THE 999 PLAN", I have created a FREE social network at: and everyone is welcome to JOIN and openly share their opinions regarding my PLAN or any related topic or concept.

My friends, I hope you enjoy this post and may God's Peace Be With You All!
"999" (a.k.a. "Dr. Peter")

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Good to hear from you 999. Hope you stick around :flop:
The best things in life are not things

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mushroom wrote:Good to hear from you 999. Hope you stick around :flop:

Thx Shroom! We'll see what develops ...

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Questions/comments anyone, anyone at all?

To expand on this a little:
Simply put, this "FUSIAM" philosophy reflects the dualistic spiritual and physical nature of our existence and that of our Creator/Deity (God). I would say my key discovery of enlightenment (if I can call it that) is the realization that in our physical world UNITY is the third leg that bridges both FAITH (religions in general) and SCIENCE (from a creation/life-type perspective) under a central unifying concept. In a very real sense, this is analogous to the spiritual bridge which unifies the concepts of Faith, Love, and Hope.

While I would equate this in my Christian-Catholic religion as a personification of the Holy Trinity (Spirit, Son, and Father), other religions have similar triune personifications for the Creator/Deity (God) which would fit into the general framework of this concept.

Think of it this way, to make a cake you need three basic ingredients: cake mix, water, and eggs. Although you can use different brands of each ingredient to create the desired taste, you can't leave any one of them out! (And no, I'm not a baker or chef ....) So in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if my brand of religion and science are different than those of someone else or potentially conflict with each other ... no ... what really matters is that I still have unity (water) to tie all three together to make the universe (cake).

Our religious practices are based on our inner spiritual Faith, and they will never be the same as Science which is based on the observation of physical principles. But, neither of these can successfully coexist without our conscious and enlightened awareness of a type of Unity matrix as the unifying spiritual / physical bridge. And this is why LOVE (as Jesus and many other great reflections of the Christ once said) is the greatest commandment because it requires everyone to consciously go beyond our own personal awareness. One can have Faith and Hope, but real Love requires more than one's own self!


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