The Tear Drop Memorial

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The unknown gift to the Anerican people .

Five years have passed since the 9/11 attacks, and the Globo-Zionist US government has yet to build a memorial to the victims that it actually killed. Now, Russian President Putin presents America with a beautiful sculpture to commemorate the fallen towers of New York City.

The work of art is called "The Tear Drop Memorial". It consists of a 100 foot tall tower, with a huge open crack running down the center. Hanging from the crack is a massive "teardrop" designed to actually drip water. The base of the monument is surrounded by a marble wall with the names of the 3000 victims engraved in alphabetical order.

Refusing to place the monument in Manhattan, or on the scenic Jersey City waterfront (where Goldman Sachs is Headquartered), US authorities instead dump Putin's gift in a depressed and unseen spot in Bayonne, NJ. (around the corner from a junkyard!) The media gives the beautiful memorial, dedicated by Putin himself, a total silent treatment.


The monument is barely known, even among local residents of Bayonne!

Putin made a beautiful gesture towards America. But the Globalists, in anticipation of the eventual conflict with the allied independent powers of Russia and China, need to portray Putin as a thug. That is why the 9/11 memorial gift from Russia remains unknown to Americans.

Reaction to the monument has been mixed. It was listed as one of the The World’s Ugliest Statues by Foreign Policy magazine,while The New Yorker said it looked like "a giant tea biscuit."[6] However ordinary reactions from the general public include "Pretty impressive," said one person and another called it a "breathtakingly beautiful creation". ... _Terrorism

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