The Tide is Turning in response to Prophecy

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Many prophecies were intended as a warning to humanity. They came out of the great sea of consciousness to alert us to the results of our actions. Some of us have now started to "wake up and smell the coffee" and change our lives to fall into step with Mother Earth and her harmonics.

The peoples of the Earth are largely still ruled by their governments ... who do little or nothing to halt the devastation of our eco system and the life support systems of our Planet ... the net result of this is that we plough on regardless of the repercussions to what appears to be our own oblivion. I awoke this morning to a vision of the streets empty of any signs of life ... our planet was alive and well but we weren't ... we don't have to be rocket scientists to know that things are bad and we are heading for a fall ... but are we smart enough to catch ourselves before we do. I know only too well how hard it is to change the status quo ... how much we cling to what we know for safety but now is the time to go with the new tide of consciousness sweeping the earth and get back in step with the Cosmos and its harmonics.

I believe the tide is turning ... the more the prophecies come true the more people awaken to their own sense of reason and higher consciousness the more they will respond to the challenges that face us ... we can ( and perhaps will ) turn this around in time for many of us to be saved from the fates the prophets saw for us BUT ... it is time for the world to know that their future is in their hands ...

NO MORE DOOM AND GLOOM just an exhortation to tune back in to our "source" code and remember what it is to live in harmony with our creator ... then things may turn out better for us all than it seems they will a the moment. Here's hoping :flop:

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