The true death toll at the WTC on 911

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PostSun Jul 25, 2010 1:23 am » by Liveecarbme

They're all whores...sold out long ago to delusions of beauty and courage.

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PostSun Jul 25, 2010 12:57 pm » by zinzana

freeyourmindnow wrote:
zinzana wrote:before the election obama said he going to pull the troops out of iraq that was like his main plan
did he pull tham out?
so why would u wanna believe anything they say anymore

you mean this guy?

thats is what i am saying, they are lying to us. they don't want you to see the truth

i still dont get it man
i know he visited the western wall when he was in israel but seriouly i dunno whatcha saying here

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PostThu Jan 05, 2012 10:08 pm » by Martintimothy

martintimothy wrote:Scrutiny of the WTC victims lists, does indeed expose a dearth of Jewish names! ... s/by-name/

Around four hundred Jewish names appear on the official death list, who are thought to have been suicide Zionists, who stayed in the buildings and threw others out, according to Richard Smiouskas' testimony below!


According to Lt Richard Smiouskas FDNY, in an interview 27 November 2001 ..following the strike on the North Tower, "an engineer got me onto the roof of WTC 2," the South Tower, "I saw people in the windows, they weren't jumping, they were being forced out!"


The image above was taken by NYPD helo pilot Detective Greg Semendinger on September 11 2001, there is at least one person in the pic right at the corner out of the smoke, whoever it was must have died cursing the NYPD for not attempting his or her rescue!

Maybe they weren't suiciders at all! Maybe they had been convinced, that helicopter rescues were indeed gonna get underway, bearing in mind, that most "jumpers" hit the street, in the first minutes after the attack on the NT .. and they got sold out when the NYPD helicopters never turned up!


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