The Truth about Giants and Nephilim!

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This stuff sent chills through my body, check this interview out, and look at some of the pictures!

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very interesting........had not heard of these before :flop: :cheers:
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Steven was just recently on C2C and I wanted to research more of his work. Thanks for the link.

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Dec-20-2010 12:36
Man-Eating Giants Discovered in Nevada Cave
Terrence Aym
"...the archaeologists came to the inescapable conclusion that the Paiutes myth was no myth; it was true.

A Paiute brave faces the maurading giants

(CHICAGO ) - The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, told early white settlers about their ancestors' battles with a ferocious race of white, red-haired giants. According to the Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.

Roaming, man-eating giants

The Paiutes named the giants Si-Te-Cah that literally means “tule-eaters.” The tule is a fibrous water plant the giants wove into rafts to escape the Paiutes continuous attacks.

They used the rafts to navigate across what remained of Lake Lahontan.

Giants roamed the Earth

According to the Paiutes, the red-haired giants stood as tall as 12-feet and were a vicious, unapproachable people that killed and ate captured Paiutes as food.

The legend

The Paiutes told the early settlers that after many years of warfare, all the tribes in the area finally joined together to rid themselves of the giants.

One day as they chased down the few remaining red-haired enemy, the fleeing giants took refuge in a cave. The tribal warriors demanded their enemy come out and fight, but the giants steadfastly refused to leave their sanctuary.

Frustrated at not defeating their enemy with honor, the tribal chiefs had warriors fill the entrance to the cavern with brush and then set it on fire in a bid to force the giants out of the cave.

The few that did emerge were instantly slain with volleys of arrows. The giants that remained inside the cavern were asphyxiated.

Later, an earthquake rocked the region and the cave entrance collapsed leaving only enough room for bats to enter it and make it their home.

Cave of the Nevadan man-eating giants

The find

Hundreds of years later archaeologists explored the cavern near Lovelock, Nevada--the cave the Indians had described.

What the scientific researchers found was staggering: over 10,000 artifacts were unearthed including the mummified remains of two red-haired giants—one, a female 6.5-feet tall, the other male, over 8-feet tall.

Many of the artifacts (but not the giants) can be viewed at the small natural history museum located in Winnemucca, Nevada.

A giant red-haired mummy from Nevada

Confirmation of the myth

As the excavation of the cave progressed, the archaeologists came to the inescapable conclusion that the Paiutes myth was no myth; it was true.

What led them to this realization was the discovery of many broken arrows that had been shot into the cave and a dark layer of burned material under sections of the overlaying guano.

Among the thousands of artifacts recovered from this site of an unknown people is what some scientists are convinced is a calendar: a donut-shaped stone with exactly 365 notches carved along its outside rim and 52 corresponding notches along the inside.

But that was not to be the final chapter of red-haired giants in Nevada.

In February and June of 1931, two very large skeletons were found in the Humboldt dry lake bed near Lovelock, Nevada.

More giants have been unearthed in other states...

A picture of the red headed mummy can be seen at the link-FM46 ... nts-ta.php
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