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Time has a different meaning to extra terestrials, they have not been up there for long, the way they experience time is different, and cannot be explained in words. And they do reveal themselves to the people who believe them, who are persistent. They have changed my life for the better, no-one else seems to really care, so i dont give a flying (saucer) fuck if they dont see them!

A few weeks ago, me and my mate went to the town centre, and we let off a chinese lantern in pure daylight, the street was packed full of people. A few mins later, a support officer was walking past, and I decided to play a lil trick, and pretend that the lantern, was a ufo, which it did look very bizzare, I said look mate, in the sky, its a fukin ufo! ......he didnt even look up, he pulled this crap face an laughed then walked off. Ive got a fgood few more examples that involved real ufos, and ive tried to show people, and they are like not interested. But if they are happy the way they are, they can carry on! They call this place we live in "life", lmao....they ent experienced shit! And it looks like to me, they dont want to either, they dont deserve to see a ufo (which is an honor), if they dont even have an open mind, there minds are sealed, they have no opinions of there own, they react as a robot would, and thier ignorance plays a BIG part in why the world is in such a mess.

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Technological advancement in the last 100 years has been 1000X greater and faster than in the last 100,000. Any advanced civilization visiting our sorry asses would understand and respect our social structure and lurk behind the scenes. We have been contacted (probably all along), given a gift, and are being watched to see if we are worthy to advance. There is no doubt we have capability and potential and they certainly recognize it. :alien51:

However, we are irresponsible with it, wield it like children, and we certainly don't understand or respect it. All of us in our glory, and we still can't definitively say how the pyramids were built, how Easter Island got there and what the hell Stonehenge was used for. We invent stuff that could help others, but end up hurting them in the end, or we suppress the things that are truly beneficial - not for the love of mankind, but for the love of money. We can build the perfect bomb or weapon, but people starve to death or die of disease on Earth every day. :cry:

Perhaps we are being sold down the river by the PTB and some day these beings will return En masse to cleanse the wicked and truly salvage the best, I mean, the rest of us. :headscratch:

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Perhaps they are waiting for the buffet to be fully stocked? :alien51: Perhaps 7 billion is the magic number? :nails: :alien51: Oh gosh, now some doom and gloomer will be predicting the end of civilization at 7 billion... :ohno:

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nope! that has Nothing to do with will be really shock to know the truth about those insectiods predators, it's clear that you don't know about what what was found at the crash sights of roswell...inside and outside of there ships...I am making a part 2 to my internet art film title: THE GARDEN OF HEATHENS 2 The Dark Rift.. it will explore what we humans will be facing very soon...check out original The garden of heathens ...and get some Idea what most don't want to know....: .... and leave a comment at that sight that will tell me what you! think.. R.G.

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rickyhayes wrote:The aliens are eluding us because we are not at the level of development needed to make contact. Furthermore, we still fight amongst ourselves, (lines on bits of paper). The aliens have evolved to a state where money, poverty, disease are all gone. if you agree with this or have another theory please post it :cheers:

My opinion, at the present time, is ET life fears death due to earth's atmosphere. I feel they are planting, on the ocean floor, vegetation (alien) so they may be able to live amongst us. This has taken quiet a long time..but they are close.

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We have TWO different kinds of contact here.....

(1) The civilization(s) in question don't give a shit how dysfunctional we are, they are here for genetic manipulation or hybridization, they have a job, they punch the clock on earth and then go home.

(2) Being observed from a distance by vastly superior intelligence and (just like in the TV show Star Trek, they are observing some weird version of the Prime Directive. We are bug shit on the butts of bugs, so they stay aloof and do what they do and stay out of our hair. They are not our saviors, they will not intercede, they really are just here to keep an eye on the (1) assholes so they don't muck shit up.

The big question is, which ones did our wonderful top of the pyramid super secret government make the deal with?

My vote is on the number (1) assholes.

Something to look forward to anyhooo.

Now where did I leave that anal probe....................................................

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PostThu Mar 10, 2011 6:27 pm » by Graystone

I think Neil Tyson in this video supports rickyhayes point the best.... ... re=related


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PostFri Mar 11, 2011 12:50 am » by Lavell1

i think they are waiting for the rapture so they can join jests and fight along side the good against the anti christ

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lavell1 wrote:i think they are waiting for the rapture so they can join jests and fight along side the good against the anti christ

I think after the Rapture is when they will appear, if ever. A substantial number of recent abductees are now claiming they are shown cataclysms and the disappearance of many people. Either that, or the reason the alien agenda is being thrust upon you all to begin with, is to have a story to explain away the disappearance of all the Christians and children on planet earth.

"Well, you saw the lights in the skies and the discs, the aliens must have took'em, oh well good riddance." The sad part is most of you will believe them.


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typo jesus not jests


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