The Vatican will disclose the UFO:s/Aliens too the world

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 1:21 pm » by Jaffacake

stone069 wrote:So basically the people who wrote the texts of the bible had knowledge of the extra terrestrial presence way back then. Which in turn means that the deception has been going on since before 1947 or so.

I only mention this because I have always felt like the refusal to admit that there is life in the cosmos, and intelligent life, has been quite conceited and superior-listic. How can anyone who has looked out into the night-time sky, believe we are and have been alone? I stated earlier in this thread that, I see no reason for an uproar or rioting due to disclosure. If "THEY" had the intention of getting rid of us, we would all be dead a million times over. If anything the fact we are still here is evidence of the benign nature, this in turn would further reinforce the idea that they are better "Christians, Muslims, Jews" etc. then we are. If we had stumbled upon a life form less advanced then ourselves we would have surely exploited them in some manner, if not out right destroyed them for our own gain.

well said mate grreeeedddddyyyy cunts

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 1:35 pm » by Boondox681

STOP THE MADNESS!!!damn,i was soooo happy when 11/27 came so i wouldn't have to hear this moronic shit anymore.first your expecting 'disclosure' from our gov't :ohno: .the only entity on this planet to tell more lies and keep more secrets than the u.s. gov't is the VATICAN!don't you 'disclosurites' feel and look stupid enough?i guess not.

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 2:49 pm » by Boondox681


And I've spent MANY a Sunday in a pew!

here's where the problem are literally've only heard what they've wanted you to hear.if you want the truth,you have to break the chain that binds you. :cheers:

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 6:09 pm » by Damic

let me get this straight, the vatican(the pope)has declared that the aliens(space,not
mexican)are gods children to.that is very interesting because if you have any knowledge
at all of the history of the catholic church you know that only catholics are gods true
children.this must mean that the e.t.s must be does the church know this?
have they sent missionaries to the godless space people to convert them,have they butchered thousands or millions to bring there poor heathen souls to the one true god.
maybe there just rolling the dice and hoping for the best
what happens if there not catholic,what if there MUSLIM or even worse JEWISH or
the church go to war with the infidels?.one more thing,im sure ill be corrected if im wrong,dosnt it say somewhere in the christian bible that the last pope sides with the
devil and brings down the church?
Before any of you religious folk start yelling and screaming and calling for my head on a
platter,take a deep breath.......this was aimed at the hyprocrisy of all religions,to the mexicans,sorry about that guys,i couldnt resist.

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 6:48 pm » by Damic

Mr concrete...please explain to me how i offended you if you dont believe in anything.

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 7:19 pm » by Damic

mr. concrete.....where did you go,i thought you wanted to play,oh well,i have to go out into the real world now and do real stuff but i will be back later so i will leave you with
this.a man who walks around with his head up his ass shouldnt complain about the
position he is in.

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 7:23 pm » by Damic

oh there you are,if you are looking for the true definition of hypocrisy you need go no
further than orginised religion,must go now.t t f n

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 9:03 pm » by Rar1981

My thoughts and concerns per say.
What is disclosure? why is it so important?
A well written speech by our governing bodies? Hasn't the media and even disney been involved with our slow disclosure? Most people believe that "aliens" creatures of deep space, whatever you want to call it exsist. Why no disclosure about religion, people simply believe without solid proof of an exsistance, yet when it comes to something more obvious it has to be disclosed. Its easier to believe something written by man then to believe we are not alone in this massive thing called space?
I do believe we have been further and explored more that we know. Meaning Nasa has been places that we do not know about or know that we have been to. How many telescopes captured images of crafts? I am sure some has, can I be 100% no because im not in the know.
I also believe/know that the worlds military crafts are more advanced than whats been open to the public. How many times have people been shot thru space on a one way trip just to see how far a manned craft could go? Im not sure but I've read things in the past about it.
Imagine how fast we would advance if we got full disclosure, more than a select few could put their minds to work to help solve the simple problem of refueling/keeping enough fuel for space/time travel. Dont yell I say simple because it has to be that is the only easy answer to how they travel. Disclosure will not cause harm, it will make believing easier.
Why no disclosure on the man made war, I do not know.
I know we are not alone in the universe and I believe in religion.
Its a delicate topic, I could only wish that there were unsolved mysteries.
Do you know you're being watched?

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PostMon Nov 30, 2009 11:07 pm » by Damic

yo concrete:
hope i didnt offend you with that "head up your ass"crack......get it?crack...joke....
firstly i find it very interesting that you proclaim no belief in anything,but get upset
when i spout off on organised religion.I am well aware that there are people good
and true in religion,just as there are good people in politics.I am also sure that a large
percentage of these people entered their professions with good will and dreams of the
changes they would make.I have allways been willing to talk with these people,
to respect and listen to their views,and engage in intelligent conversation.Its these other
numnuts that piss me off.The ones who take a really good story and subvert it for their
own profit because the original author is dead and dead people cant sue.

I am speaking of the ones who kneel at the feet of the game and prey to the gods of
corruption and greed.

...."They have forgotten the face of their father" (Roland the gunslinger-the Black Tower series by Steven King.

Are you any wiser now?

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PostThu Nov 04, 2010 9:35 pm » by Cyberelf

bladerunner wrote:One major obstacle for disclosure is the widespread hysteria and panic such revelations would bring on the general population worldwide. It is considered that people with a religious background will be hardest hit, but with a faith of a supreme being or angels for example not of this world or non homo sapien, how is that?

Im not sure people would react like this anymore....too busy watching football or BigBrother


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