The Vatican will disclose the UFO:s/Aliens too the world

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PostThu Nov 04, 2010 11:27 pm » by Anuki

Supermouse wrote:My guess is that the Vatican will tell the world there is aliens and ufo visiting our planet. I think the USA and the other goverments has agreed on this.

My guess is;
they lie, and always will.

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PostThu Nov 04, 2010 11:47 pm » by Rich316

Seems to be the best way.. I guess.. No matter what happens, people, some, many, are going to fucking freak out. The less they know the more they'll flip out. This is why I bore the shit out of my collegues and friends about ufos. I feel somewhat compelled to talk about it, I cannot help myself when it comes to something that would be the biggest paradigm shift we've ever seen. This is the most serious topic of all time and deserves much more consideration from the media and those in power to get the rest of the populace ready. It will happen! I think it's part of our natural evolution, ie to graduate from kindergarten and wake up to realise we've never been alone. Become 'players' in the grander scheme.

I am more concerned about how this will effect business and economy world wide.


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