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This a way to start off and really change the world step by step.

I think the first thing needs to be done is to get some land.
If we have a piece of land we can gather people to make a beginning.
Then make the land fit to live in. Basic needs in order. and water.
2.a roof over your head.
4.better education.

It doesn't have to be more technical at the start. For people to join is more important.
Take it step by step and we will grow faster than ever before.

If this is done we can make it more easy for people to join.
Then in time the people will join and more land, knowledge and other things
becomes available.

To do this we can go to farmers who has the land and maybe willing to cooperate
with us.

Collect old clothings from people who don't want them anymore.

Collect seeds for farming.

There is more than enough educational materials to learn how to make things better.
Collect that material and we can educate ourselfs to another way of thinking.

People should offer more time and save the money in these matters than working for status and power. But instead combine the savings and buy land and the needs to build from there.

It really take not much people in every country to start this.
It only takes dedication to the project.
Collect all the money we can to start this off, to make certain that they have all the basic needs.

Just put it in your everyday life. Buy only what is needed to live. That is basic needs and the means to communicate.
Connect with the other projects in other countries and help them where is needed.

I really confident that we can pull this off.

Just get off your butt and talk to people who are allready in the bussines of change.
Like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, project Camelot, Steven Greer, Alex Jones, George Noory, and many others who attract a lot of people world wide. These people are a great asset
to make the change possible. I do not mean to say there right on everything but is on it's way
to try to make people think for themselves. Connect these people and make it happen.

If one sheep leaps over the ditch all the rest will follow.
" If you want to find the truth, throw everything you know out of your mind and start over. "

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