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I know a lot of people will have seen these films and already researched the principles put forward by these movements. But i thought i'd bring together a collection of some of the most amazing forward thinking ideas humanity has ever been presented with, incase you haven't yet taken the time to investigate.

I feel too many people on this forum obsess over the worries of the world, rather than investigating ways to stop this negative cycle. There's no way we can fix anything untill we re-assess the basic rules by which we live today.

Although everything about the system we've been brought into has been somewhat essential to bring us into the modern day, it is now outdated. We've outgrown this system, and it is now becoming a dangerous thing to perpetuate. It's only leading to corruption, devient behaviour, disregard to the environment and basic human needs, along with prioritizing profit over anything else.

These following films present a logical analasys and insight of what has/is/will occur because of the current monetary sytem, and then goes on to present the ground work for a new social design that will eliminate the majority of problems we face today, and a platform on which we can work to make the world run as efficiently as we possibly can, putting the needs of humans and our environment before anything else.

This is ground breaking thinking. I would put it on a level with someone presenting to the cavemen the idea of building houses and growing food.

It has to happen sometime, the longer we leave it, the worse conditions will become, and the closer we edge towards the point of no return with the destruction of planet earth.

Watch this entire collection before making any judgment on what it presents.

If you haven't heard of it before, it wouldn't surprise me that you'r initial reaction will be to disregard the basic principle of getting rid of the monetary system as a ludicrous idea that will lead everyone into a lazy, lay-about society. There are reasons for you thinking this. Keep watching, and spend time thinking it through for yourselves, and trust me when i say this makes perfect sense once you understand it in it's entirity.

1) Zeitgeist (Final Edition)

This film is about the messed up behaviour going on today. It doesnt really present any solutions, as i believe it's aim is to point out the extent of the messed up things that our current system breeds.

2) Zeitgeist: Addendum

This film deals with the inevitable downfall of the monetary system, explained in an extremely enlightened way that has even surprised PHD economics graduates. The second half goes on to introduce the basic ideas of the Venus Project. Amazing film, with essential info for understanding why things need to change, as soon as possible.

3) The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation

A more in depth look at the ideas of the Venus Project, leading on from the subjects discussed in the previous videos.

4) Peter Joseph Lectures.

Peter Joseph London Lecture Full July 25th 2009

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Peter Joseph: "Where are we going?" Nov. 15th '09
Part 1:

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Part 2:

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This is essential viewing if you've seen the other videos but still doubt the proposed system. This answers a lot of the questions i was left with after watching the first videos. It's well presented, and well recorded.

5) Jacque Fresco.
The Venus Project London Lecture - October 2009

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Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 1 - Penn State Allegheny

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This is the man who's dedicated most of his life to figuring out where we went wrong,and how we can improve life on earth for every human being. He's an old man now, 94 i think, so his presentation of the ideas isn't as concise as Peter Joseph. But nevertheless, he's a true genius and should be heard.

I hope everyone finds the time to watch all of these videos, and i hope you find the enthusiasm to pass the info on to your friends and family.
Peace out! :cheers:

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