The Witches Judgement Altar and The Witches Well

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There was a legend that the Jersey Devil is sealed inside a stone altar on top of a mountain. This mountain is known as THE MOUNT in Mount Holly New Jersey. We went to this location 2 times, the 1st time we scouted it out and got a bunch of photos, this time we went back and got some video.
Legend has it that the New Jersey Devil was chained up here and if you put your ear up to the metal door you can hear him thrashing around. :nails: Another legend was that this site was the capstone that went all the way to Hell.
Also a legend goes that one of the 1st (suspected) witches in the area was thrown down this well and she survived the drop and clawed and screamed for help and cursed all those that threw her into the well.Later on the shed was built over the Well to stop the haunting that was occurring. Recently the township put up a barbwired fence with stop motion cameras that actually yell at you when triggered, haha. "Stop! you have been caught on camera and this will be used in your prosecution, turn around now!" Wow, they spent all this money for this security? What is really here?

Also there is a gravestone right near this area and a woman is buried there. The grave reads: “Thus is the fate of all who turn from God, you are here because God hates you.” this lady, who was a suspected witch, supposedly summoned the NJ Devil and he killed her. After wards JD was caught and chained up and cast into the Well.

The Holy Holy Holy Altar of Judgment of Mt. Holly

A few hundred feet from the Witches Well and up a hill is the Altar that was used to judge the witches back in the day.The altar is a white concrete table (4 feet by 8 feet by 4 feet), It has the words “Holy Holy Holy” written across it. In front of the slab are old wooden benches, set in a square. Much graffiti has been marked onto the alter and tales of modern day sex magic and animal sacrifices have taken place here.
Right next to the alter is the gallow that they used to hang the witches with, but it has been long knocked down and only the stump remains.
On October 22, 1730 over 300 people had gathered to witness the trial of two people, a man and a woman, who had been accused of witchcraft. The charges included "making their neighbours sheep dance in an uncommon manner, and with causing hogs to speak, and sing Psalms, &c. to the great terror and amazement of the King's good and peaceable subjects in this province." This was 4o years after the famous witch trials in Salem Mass.

We took video and photos of both locations, but nothing out of the ordinary occured while we were there. We hope to go back at night and see if we obtain the same result.
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