There is no final answer without the next-to-last one!

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So you princes of Maine, you kings of New England

- like John Irving once said -

what brought you here

what is it that pulled your hearts and minds and souls...

you look for spirals and devices and strange glimpses of pale light

and bow your spinal column into caves of films and pics and insults and claims

you are not tired wandering by lone sea breakers of those who think they know for sure...

Know you for sure?

Will you not think?

You Irving like figures

will you not go back to serenity and will you not touch the humble level

that your insight may grow?

Don't you speak of final questions

unless you have no clue to the next-to-last one.

Why do you speak of Christ

and speak not of you as if you wouldn't be as important as Christ?

Why do you bring Prophet Daniel up to our times

as if there where no contemporary scripture 2.000 years away?

Why don't you see that each scripture has a reason and a time and a place

but you treat them out of history and out of frame and like a magic spell...

Why do you look for aliens and ufos

as if you'd find a final answer or salvation or at least a kind of progress...

And why you are full of shit and hatred and painfull thinking

and crawl under carpets which are indeed none and see a world under conspiration...

Why you want answers before you tried to solve what can be solved

simply by being human, human, human?

Will you not think? Will you not live with limits? Will you not live with big NOs?

All has it's season, right?

You princes of Maine, you kings of New England

Think more and let the racists and Nazis and Hitler shit go

and don't miss the difference between Jews and Zionists

and think more and be proud of being a living grain of almost nothing...
Hope is the thing with feathers...
Emily Dickinson

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