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PostFri May 06, 2011 5:53 pm » by Eliakim

When there was an uprising of people supporting Obama and falling at his feet, we warned the people that the world was going through the 3rd initiation of the rite of passage home to God. Obama was the great temptation.

FRIDAY, 6 MAY 2011

Third Initiation - Rite of Passage

svaha wrote: My God told me that I'm free to choose any role I want, or none and experience whatever my choice is.

Our response

The third initiation on the rite of passage. Remember the temptation of Christ svaha?

'want' is the lowest form of consciousness related to the root chakra level. Heal the wants then you rise up to the next level.

While I was in Israel doing healing treatments with the Levites, God said to one of them 'The root is the access'.

Buddha also taught that 'If you don't find the root then you won't find the meaning'.

The more that people heal themselves, the more that they find out what their divine purpose for being is.

Of course, the spiritual that supported Obama due to their desire for peace were also coming from 'wants' and 'desire'. Hence, why their perceptions of Obama turned out to be an illusion that as no basis in reality.

The heart is about essentials, when you come from your hearts of intelligence where essentials are found.


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PostFri May 06, 2011 6:13 pm » by Unitb166er

Well...Before Enlightenment there is always Disillusionment.

That and how many Initiations can a Soul Survive?

Designed To Give A Damn!

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PostFri May 06, 2011 7:09 pm » by Gnosticwanderer

When the Master finds that the pupil has transcended the first three Fetters, and has to his credit the requisite amount of work done, then He presents the pupil once again for Initiation. As before, in a similar stately ceremony, the Hierophant opens up at Initiation new possibilities of consciousness in the candidate, and entrusts him with those secrets and powers which appertain to the new stage. The Initiate of the second grade is called Sakadagamin, "he who returns once", for only one more physical birth is obligatory for him; at the end of his next physical life he can, if he so chooses, complete the remaining stages of the Path without returning to incarnation.

As he passes on to the next Initiation, new faculties must be evolved, and a yet larger record of work must be achieved. There are no Fetters to be cast off between the Second and Third Initiations; but the higher mind must be made a mirror of the wisdom of the Intuition, and trained to conceive and elaborate those truths which the mind cannot discover, unless implanted in it by a faculty greater than the mind.

When the higher mind has become the tool of the Intuition, and the pupil's record of service is adequate, he is presented by his Master for the Third Initiation. He becomes then Anagamin, "not returning"; for birth in a physical body, unless he so chooses, is no longer obligatory in order to attain to the final goal. The work can be done in the invisible worlds, and the Initiate can from there, if he so decides, proceed to the Fourth and Fifth Initiations.

Between the Third and Fourth Initiations, two Fetters must be cast off: Kamaraga, sensuality, and Patigha, anger. Of course, long before this, all the cruder forms of sense-gratification and anger will have been eliminated by the Initiate; but there are subtle forms of these two Fetters which bind the aspirant as firmly as their cruder forms enslave the man of the world. In addition to freedom from these Fetters, and the record of work, the candidate must show that he has acquired mastery over some of the invisible worlds, and that his brain consciousness can be made, when necessary, a true record of his life on higher planes. At the Fourth Initiation, he becomes the Arhat, "the venerable". During all the stages — Sotapanna, Sakadagamin, Anagamin and Arhat — the Initiate is sekha, a "disciple", under the instruction and supervision of a Master of the Wisdom. The next stage is to become Asekha, "no-more-disciple", the Master1. He is a Master of the Wisdom, that is, he has within him all the capacities and powers which are requisite in order to know all that concerns the evolution-past, present and future-of the Planetary Chain to which he belongs. But before this stage can be reached, five more Fetters must be cast aside, the hardest of all.

Lo ! like fierce foes slain by some warrior,
Ten sins along these Stages lie in dust,
The Love of Self, False Faith, and Doubt are three
Two more, Hatred and Lust.

Who of these Five is conqueror hath trod
Three Stages out of Four; yet there abide
The Love of Life on earth, Desire for Heaven,
Self-Praise, Error, and Pride2.

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PostFri May 06, 2011 9:32 pm » by Eliakim

There are many more initiations beyond the fifth and they can all be experienced in one lifetime.

The flame of JOSEPH is an unfettered flame of God's zealous love for humanity.

God saved the Egyptians from famine, he removed the Hebrews from Egypt.

He does what is good, when people are good for those that are good.

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