This is Incredible, Insane, Shocking, and Grisly, Be Warned.

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PostMon Jan 07, 2013 2:55 pm » by monica44

Well i have now watched in full, and all i can say is, MIND CONTROL GONE WRONG.
Those damn psychiatrists, claiming to be experts but they do not have a bloody clue, they come out with fancy names to pigeonhole something which cannot be so. I have not met one yet to has anything productive to say, infact i had one who said i was looking for attention after one of my attempts at leaving this planet. I did however meet one, when my ex husband has me sectioned under an ancient law which decrees if a husband thinks his wife is mental they can have them committed !!! Needless to say i was in there all of four days, it took me that long to get an assessment, but within 20min he stated that he perfectly understood where i was coming from, he would have felt the same in my shoes, the only bit of advice he could offer was to be in his words " be more of a bitch" alluding to the fact i had lost all my efforts to assert myself, lol.
Of all the things to be delusional about these woman thought that they were being followed [judging by the incident of her looking out the window] and that their organs are going to be removed/used, When i did my "jump" it was a spur of the moment panic,i had just found out my father had tracked me down from across the country, so it was the only option i had at the time, or so it seemed.
Mind control, if they were being used by some nefarious organization then orders to commit suicide are commonplace, if that fails then get them to kill someone, if nothing else they will be made to "look" insane.
This is one f..ked up planet, the Lunatics have take over the asylum.
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey; Stephen Covey. EDIT, spiritual beings trapped in a human experience/prison.

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PostMon Jan 07, 2013 3:50 pm » by flsts1

hey vampic..whats your point?
Welcome back!


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