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This lad had tears streaming down my face .I saw in him what i recently saw in my mom.She was 69 and had a heart problem surgeons had to rush her into hospital for.In 18 days she went through what many of us would class as pure hell .After the heart surgury there were complications with clots ,doctors said her heart was functioning at just 30% .We had to watch her right leg go black to knee at which point doctors said it was dead enough to remove without killing her with shock .She had it removed,then to everyones horror she started having heart rythem problems and going into siezure.five times the first day .The nurses could not believe she kept coming back.This went on for days and after five days the doctors wanted to try fitting a pacemaker as her only chance ,but said the odds were very slim.
Throughout it all she kept smilling and was polite to nurses even when clearly suffering at thier hands.We begged her to keep fighting after the leg op,and all would be ok.She agreed to fight on as long as possible and would only give in if we lost faith in her.
She was due in theatre six pm .but at 4pm started siezing again and after another long battle they lost her.

At the end there were tears from all the nurses and amazingly the three doctors present who were going to perform the pacemaker op.My mom had clearly shook them up with her courage and lack of fear towards death.
The doctors had told dad she was not going to make it and he had relayed the news to her.She just smiled to him and squeezzed his hand.When the final siezure came with the agreement not to work on her she winked and smiled as she knew it was the last thing my dad would see her do.She gripped his hand tight till all life left her.
I feel the angels were all around her in those final days easing her pain.
Within 24hrs my dad,myself,and my brother had all recieved a white feather,the thing she had always claimed showed angels were with you.So yes young man i do believe,and i hope you are with the angels, :clapper: like my mom.


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