This Is Very Disturbing!

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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 6:34 am » by Dirtyrabbit

This Is Very Disturbing!
this is from another site read below
from this site

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My son, who is in 1st grade, came home yesterday saying that he didn't want to go back to school anymore. So I asked him why? He said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag. I asked him if he was sure of this and I suggested to him that maybe the teacher just put up an 8x10 photo of the president. He said, "No, it is a large picture of Obama and when we are done Ms. **** turns off the image." I also asked if they did this for Bush last year? He again said, "No." This was my sons first day back to school since before Christmas, he was on a 5 week track break.

My wife volunteers a couple of days each week with helping out with my sons teacher doing various duties. She said that she would come in early this morning to see what was going on. She just got back and reported that this was true and then some. She said she waited out in the pod area and could see inside 3 of the 5 class rooms in this section of school. She said that when the kids stand each teacher flips on the classroom overhead and a full body image of Obama, with six U.S. flags behind him, comes up about 4 feet away from the flag that hangs on the wall. She said that the image has Obama staring straight at you with no facial expressions, just a serious look. I asked my wife if Obama had his hand over his heart? She said that she was so taken aback by this that she didn't see it. What is worse is she said that all of the kids in each class faced Obama instead of the flag that hangs in the corner.

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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 6:46 am » by Reinaul

This is tottaly brain washing .. This NWO f$&ert are trying to make Obama a GOD, this doesnt look good and i bet it's not going to be good.
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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 8:52 am » by 7hidden7agenda7

If what you say is true (ie. those of you who teach or have kids in the usa please varify) then it's definitely a step up in conditioning. It may be an isolated incident, but a nationwide implimentation of this practice would imply that the instructions are being distributed from a central source especially if the specifics are repeated between schools.
I'd advise anyone with children to investigate & complain loudly if your children are being exposed to this. :yell:
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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 11:51 am » by Blackbarbie

This is going to probably sound dumb to some of you, but my name is barbie.haha.
I dont really get what this post is about. The kids stand to go home and the tutor switches the overhead on and obama is stood there.. soo? what does it mean? is it brain washing? how then? why is it brain washing is it not just showing the kids obama or something? lol sorry im just a little lost at this one.. =]

Barbie xx
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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 1:32 pm » by domdabears

Yikes!! Kinda freaky. I thought kids didn't say the pledge of allegiance anymore. My kid don't.


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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 3:23 pm » by Wrathofkahn

As far as i am concerned, if this is true, this is beyond scary! My son WILL NOT pledge allegiance to an obama image! I will pull him right out of school if this is going to be the case! Idont hate obama, im just not sure. My child will not worship a president like a god. Like hidden7 said, can anyone else verify this please because this is of the utmost importance!

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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 5:50 pm » by Rawdney

Thanks for doing that Slushpup, I also await their response. Personally, the way that the original story was written, I believe it to be fabricated.

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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 6:30 pm » by Mp630

That is pretty creepy, If I was the mother, I would seek legal advice and tell the school I didn't want my child present in the class room during the pledge. Next step would be informing other people in the community to bring pressure on the teachers and administration to explain why they are doing this.

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PostWed Jan 28, 2009 6:41 pm » by Towelie

Heil Obama.
If this is true, its totaly messed up. Obama wont pledge to the flag, yet all the children are now making there pledge effectivley to Obama.
Are the Obama youth still around aswell?
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PostThu Jan 29, 2009 10:01 am » by 7hidden7agenda7

It also sets up a subliminal. when they say the pledge as adults, it will subcounsciously recall the obama image. Mainly because it is the only element that changes during the pledge. when they start the image appears, when they stop the image disappears. It used to be they look at the flag (i assume) that would be the association, but even if they still do that, the flag is always there, it's not revealed just for the pledge.
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