This Will End All Debate On Capitalism

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PostSun Feb 26, 2012 9:15 am » by Spacejunkie

The documentary is called "The End Of Poverty". It talks about the history of colonial conquests and it's evolution to capitalism and the poverty in the world.

After watching this I don't see how a human being can support capitalism.

If you still do after watching this, you might not be human...

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PostSun Feb 26, 2012 9:38 am » by Cosmine

Money is an illusion,it ain't real,piece of paper just like the newspaper or bathroom tissue.
It's a demonic concept,you may not know me...yet :twisted: But i'm the weirdo who does talk to demons.
In their parallel world it's all that counts for them,they call it points,like in a video game,they get points every time they can implant a meme (parasitic idea.) in a human mind.

thanks to my buddy Bleever i'm reading the screwtape letters by C.S.Lewis
It's funny like this "fictional" book describe the tought process of demonic leaders,other demons are just plain stupid and repeat the same sentences over and over again,i guess it's the way to implant memes,it's kind of their "brains"is 99% dedicated to hypnosis and one percent to pride.(of being dumbs?)

Goodnight Junky (it's four o'clock here.)


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