Those who killed aliens, and knew too much were killed

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 2:27 pm » by Dogmeat

This is a great post. People who get too close to the Fire do get burned. Some of the links are pretty much standard fare for those of us who either research or poke around in the UFO issue while others are a bit marginal as far as mainstream goes. When I first read about lazar's claims I figured any time now he would either be fully exposed, killed or get rich from the movie. Hmmm maybe it just proves he was a Government plant. I don't know and to be honest I am afraid to know. If someone gave a file on him to me I would hesitate to open it but I would. (Yes I like excitement.)

The thing about Lazar is HOW did "they" alter so many school photos in yearbooks in many homes and control files on a wide scale. And how did so many suddenly NOT remember him?
Perhaps "they" are non human and not following "normal' means of accessing reality.

He answered high level physics questions in front of video recorders and defended his answers to experts.

His Testor Corporation model was spot on for UFOs I saw long before the internet was popular.

And the amazing thing is....his story just got ignored by most main stream media. Apparently those 'in the know' already knew.

His case seems to be a classic mind control situation. The real question is, "His or ours?"

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 2:55 pm » by Savvymalloy

Great post slush :clapper:

Always found the Phil Schneider story very interesting. Thanks for the great read :flop:

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 3:07 pm » by Redistuo

what? bigfoot monster caused havoc in base? what kind of bs is that.. and all this time travel, soul removing/replacing.. lol nice story

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 4:06 pm » by Dogmeat

redistuo wrote:what? bigfoot monster caused havoc in base? what kind of bs is that.. and all this time travel, soul removing/replacing.. lol nice story

The issue of mind control is pretty much at the bottom of this.Placing lazar and lear in context with time travel experiments and bigfoot is similar to the way Close Encounters of the Third kind showed the UFO witnesses being questioned and the old dude stands up and says "I saw big foot once." Many seeing (the reports) that context assume that all reports are the same and so are all reporters. Kooks, nut cases and publicity hounds. Many who study UFO related material are used to this and ignore the stuff that is just unsubstantiated or not really focused.

Mind control is simply having influence over mental processes. When you see a jumble of data, some valid and some marginal the normal response is to either embrace all of it or select the parts that make sense. Making posts that clearly emphasize or contrast information are more helpful than ones with broken syntax, partial cut and paste or even worse in my opinion repeating another researcher's work verbatim with out adding their own thoughts or opinions. While legitimate researchers try and prove how gravity works and what electromagnetism is others seek out Bigfoot, Time travel,UFO/Alien and the existance of the soul.

This is a great comment that casts light on the main problem in UFOlogy for the last several years. For every Bob Lazar type of story there are a load of chupa cabras and channeled aliens speaking through so called expert investigators. Don't get me wrong I think that all of this has it's place in any real effort to study the sociological interactions of people and reality. Most people NEVER have a close encounter and seldom see strange animals on the rampage and even less have someone from the Planet Clairion telling them that the truth is an exclusive only to "The Galatcic counsel" or whatever name is given.

The fact is that for years strange things have happened in front of witnesses and that explanations are wide ranging. Hard facts are scarce and making sense of the issues is HARD work not something that you can grab from a forum in five minutes. I have seen young people that admitted they came to a forum like this one, took a quick look and joined 'Psicop' and became staunch skeptics as well as instant experts on UFO. One guy went on to make thousands of dollars on his website that was pretty much lifted entirely from other's web pages. (He switched out some names and reworked the ideas) . He is considered expert because of his "work" remaining online and having revenue generating abilities. His actual worth as a researcher is probably about even with my ability to walk on water.

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 4:23 pm » by Castortroy

This article is FULL of inaccuracies....

Just a few- Bieleck has been proven to have a staggering number of holes in his story, pointing to the conclusion that his story is mostly made up. I mean the guy watched the Philadelphia Experiment movie from the 80s... then he 'remembered' his part in the story, he has said it himself.

And the 'montauk project' story while it could be rooted in fact is largely the work of fiction writer Peter Moon and pedophile Preston Nichols. Nichols managed to convince many young men and boys that they had been 'montauk boys' and needed 'deprogramming' by him.... which was done through 'tantiric massage'. Basically he jerked them off. Just sick.

Lazar is another one whose story looks like swiss cheese, there is so much out there to discredit him it's not even funny. On his part though it appears to be debatable whether or not his disinfo was deliberate.

John Lear..... hahaha come on! The guy is a loon, be believes that there is atmosphere on the moon and we could walk around on it without space suits or breathing apparatus.... He has been famous for his outrageous claims, not to mention that he has bragged that he has worked for the CIA on multiple occasions.

He was on Coast to Coast AM recently with George Knapp, Lear was so drunk he passed out on the air halfway through the show lol.

I don't know about Phil Schnieder, but the last part about him being strangled with a piano wire is also inaccurate. His death was ruled a suicide, though signs point to murder... and it wasn't piano wire he was strangled with it was a rubber hose probably one that he had at his bedside as he was in very poor health at the time of his death.

There is so much crap out there when it comes to these type subjects, I don't think it does any good to cite BS sources when trying to prove a point.

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 9:16 pm » by Nervousnjerky

:clapper: Phil knew.
Perspective is everything.

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PostMon Feb 22, 2010 9:16 pm » by Dirttyrabbit

I like this 'dogmeat' fella alot!

glad you are here at the site!


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PostWed Feb 24, 2010 8:53 am » by Heruur

Thanks for the post, recently saw a video from this guy, hadn't heard much from him before this.

I question a guy that has to explain everything all at once like that. I think he may have experienced something, and i really think there is a possibility of mental manipulation.

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PostThu Feb 25, 2010 7:25 am » by Wolfbane7272

ya i read up on this guy .. ts too bad he is dead he definitely had insight .quite a few "accidents" nowadays . to many to be
coincidence . i believe this guy to be the genuine article , he never deviated once from his story

great post .


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