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A deputy is not the master.

Maybe there is resposibility the master has given the deputy in his place.

I have observed a sophisticated thing: the deputy thought has become a nice tool managing life. Thus humans have found a strong way refusing responsibility and affection.

I find some different uses of the term deputy.

The redeemer relation

Master is only God or Jesus. In best ways, I am only his deputy. I can do nothing by myself, but in the strength of God. Actually, I can not have any responsibility, for I am only the deputy.

Adaption in the deputy life

1. The humble type

As deputy I can imitate the work as a master. I pray for others as deputy. I stand by others as deputy. But still I am only a deputy with a master having resposibility alone.

2. The ego type

I stand in place of a master, so he needs me. That makes me important. The real job is that of a deputy. He has to go through struggles and battles. The deputy deserves higher honour than the master, for the master must is absent, because he is a coward.

3. The schizophrenic type

I hate being a deputy, for I want to be master. I hate to be master, for I am only a deputy

The deputy getting relief by the devil

1. The humble Type

He does not need a devil for the case of making him a deputy: fanally to carry the sins as divine penalty. The humble type can live without being a master, and at the other hand he makes nobody but himself responsible for any type of happening. At least he does not flee from being responsible by himself.

2. The ego type

At one hand he denies being a deputy himself, at the other hand he makes the devil a deputy responsible for all evil happenings. Thus the ego type is always refusing any responsibility except good happenings he declares as results of him.

3. The schizophrenic type

He wants to be responsible, but next moment he finds himself overruled by his view of being only a deputy. Thus he is able of getting rid of his responsibility by hiding behind being only a deputy. And then the devil is responsible for all bad happenings. Next time he is back viewing it the opposite.

Both, image and deputy are not the original

From substance, both are not the original or what I called above the master. But both represent the original. Thus representation is closely linked to responsibility the deputy has.

A bad deputy is like a bad image

A bad image is not revealing much similarity of the original. Thus a bad deputy is revealing fundamental contradictions to the master. Since the master has given responsibility to the deputy, the deputy must take it seriously. Similarity and congruence point to a good image, so does taking responsibility to a good deputy.

Finally taking responsibility is one of the most honest acts of being human. This includes even confessing responsibility to bad and evil happenings, in case they are linked to the confessing human.

And this makes forgiveness possible. The deputy must be honest. He must not give the devil to much responsibilitly, but take it`s own. He must be aware of the meaning of the term deputy.
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