Through apocalypse. part 2. Bioenergetics.

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When was the last time you looked around and asked yourself, "Is there anything I don't know about this life in general?" If something is invisible, it does not mean it does not exist. Think about high-frequency current, radio and TV waives..... Human body and our brains also emit electromagnetic waves, but classical science denies this fact. Do you know why? Who possess information, possesses the world. But if you want to survive in this fast changing world, you need to know some key principles of bioenergetics. What is a soul of a man? Why does our life depend on the sun? How to protect yourself from such phenomenon like rural magic. What kind of effect does a prayer have on people?
Got interested, it is only a beginning...

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If you nevertheless are eager to get through with what's going on, and to impact the global history -- join the international investigation project "Through Apocalypse:
1. e-mail all relevant information -- prophecies, investigations, videos,...
2. support the project: As long as this project is on the group of enthusiasts and we are not sponsored by anyone we really need your support at

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Hi everybody!
I want to continue this topic about Through apocalypse project. You can appreciate the new official trailer to these films. I hope it'll be interesting for you. As for me i've watched all available parts and I am under the impression.

Imagine for a second:"Tomorrow will never come". All we care about - everyday life, relations, money, career - will get far behind. And we will stand in front of those, who will ask:"What did you do in your life, what did you live for?"


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