Time Slips...

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PostThu Oct 14, 2010 9:45 pm » by Ghost32

Remember the image below? (I could'nt get the actual video) Chris Carter wrote it into the pilot episode of the X-Files where Mulder & Skully both had an episode of lost or missing time

We Lost 9 Minutes



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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 1:41 am » by I2haveseen

I';ve lost Tym. All i was left with was a dream(?I think) Vivid, but a dream (i think). We R not alone. & we R not the oldest mind in this universe. Tym2wake up people :~)
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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 1:46 am » by Flecktarn

jenny randles timeslips is a intresting read relating to displaced time and people claiming to have gone foward and back ,,worth a look

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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 1:53 am » by 99socks

Well, all I know is that DTV has now slipped a whole 14 minutes into the future.

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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 1:55 am » by Epicfailure


deja vu?

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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 1:56 am » by Donovan

lol @ sock **re edit to my edit.......when i edited my post and clicked submit it said the server was not found.did i slip through the dtv wormhole? :D
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