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PostSat Jan 24, 2009 12:12 pm » by Lowmank

I used to be a waiter, fine dining type stuff. I used to love drinking fine wine with my customers. What I hated was when a couple or family would have hundreds of dollars of food and wine on the table, while gabbing away on their cell phones. It pissed me off man, the whole thing with cell phones pisses me off.

I know there is a material, I don't know what it's called, but I figure it's like a copper chicken wire that can block RF signals. I always thought to myself that if I ever had a eatery that I'd line the walls with that stuff to keep people off their phones.

You see those studies of what cell phones can do to the head and I remember back in the 80's the big thing was cancer from power lines and cancer rates of people that lived close to power plants. Then you have wireless networks now and all the theories having to do with those RFID chips and tracking and all that jazz and I'm starting to get a little paranoid about all these freakin signals going through me all of the time. Not only that but security of my home network and those silly chips. Does anyone know if there is such a material and if it really works?

It's on my mind all of the time; RF from my monitors blaring at me while I waste my life in front of computers all day, my cell phone (which I don't use except as a web browser in my room) doing it's thing next to my head on the night stand every night. Countless radio and TV stations, thousands of cell phone calls and signals, all sorts of crap slicing through the air, and through all of us at any given time.

Maybe there's a market for that sort of thing. Dr. Lear thinks that foreign object in your leg might be an implant? Block it. Walmart knows your lettuce is going bad? Block them!

What if all these signals do mess with our behavior and the way we see the world? You know that feeling when you're out in the middle of nowhere and everything seems crisp and serene? Maybe it's not just the semi-fresh air and the quiet, maybe it's something we can we feel but we can't sense.

I dunno, I think about RF messing with us all of the time and I do think it affects us. Is a fish aware of the water that surrounds it? If we turned everything off for a day would would we feel it?

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PostSat Jan 24, 2009 1:56 pm » by Drjones

Hey m8 i think that even NON cellphone users like myself are still affected on a physical level quite badly by all the signals flying around everywhere all the time 24/7 :!:
Especially with these mobile phone masts everywhere now in the UK,im sure they pump out huge amounts of radiation,im no expert,but whatever it cant be good :!:
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PostSat Jan 24, 2009 6:15 pm » by Towelie

Paint yer walls with radar absorbing paint, or go completley crazy and follow this guide.
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