Tingling Sensatinos, Self Talk, And Presence

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PostFri Nov 21, 2008 2:35 pm » by Dnile

Hey guys,

Recently I've had a few experiences which are starting to drastically change the way I look at my reality. The other night I had small child approach me while I was sitting on a bench and she asked me if "it hurts". Well, right off the bat I didn't know what she was talking about, so I asked her what she meant and she said "the blue..does it hurt?", so I quickly asked her (her father was walking towards her now to get her) what she meant by blue, and she said that there was blue around head and shoulders - immediately I thought of my aura, so later that night I did a little snooping to see what a possible blue aura might mean, I can give you a link to a color guide (in case you ever get a chance to know your aura color):

Anyways, a few days later I had a pretty big depression attack and was hospitalized, and while in the hospital they found that a cyst was on the outside of brain. Ive been discharged for a few days now, and I'm having some really wierd feelings. Lately I've been doing alot of self talk, almost as if I'm having a conversation with myself, and I find I answer alot of my own questions before the question even full leaves my lips, If you know what I mean..

Also, I've been having wierd sensations of presences...And I seem to be able to willingly bring a feeling of chilly tinglies (feels good lol) when I indulge in certain thoughts.

I've been trying to astral project now for awhile, with little success. I find i have a hard time keeping my eyes closed once REM kicks in, and nearby sounds distract me. However when i'm trying, I can get that tingly feeling, and I've been practicing moving it around my body, trying to isolate it in one part of my body etc etc, almost as though I'm giving myself an energy massage.

I hope im not becoming crazy or something, and I'm not sure if anything in this post is nothing out of the ordinary (well, except the cyst lol). The wierd thing is, people have been so worried about me, but when i ask myself how I feel about my potentially complicated health condition, I feel at ease, and I don't really get fear stricken.

Can anyone give me any info as to what might be up? Sorry for the long post, I know its a pain.

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PostFri Nov 21, 2008 5:46 pm » by Keltone

the tingling you feel i believe is a 'soul activation', it's your etheric body manifesting in the physical body. this happens to me all the time...it is usually centered along my spine (from base to brainstem) but occasionally almost my entire body becomes 'alive'. it mostly happens when a piece of information stimulates a memory, or when thinking or meditating.

as far as the presence goes, is it like pressure coming from an obvious source outside of your body, but nothing physically is around you? again, i've experienced quite a bit of this, although not recently. they are spiritual beings (what, i have no idea, they could be other people outside of their body, gods, angels, demons, whatever name you want to attach to them) in my experience the more 'gravity', 'weight', or pressure you feel the more 'powerful' the spirit.

in my opinion you should be doing more third eye exercises before going any further, if you can't see the spirits yet, you are really close. as for the auras, (you never said what blue meant but i doubt its a sign of sickness) kids can be very attuned but at the same time have a shorter attention span and limited social skills. the tumor and the color of your aura are not related. from what little i know of them, (auras) are an indicator of spiritual health, not physical.

of course, i could be way off here too, since i've had to formulate my own theories based on what i've experienced. i hope this helps. as an add on to your original question i would like to know if anyone else has strange 'muscle flexing' around their skull...as if something were trying to 'get out'? it's usually located above and behind my ears but at times (like now) it happens all around my head. i've never seen any information anywhere on this and would like to know if anyone else has. thanks.

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PostFri Nov 21, 2008 6:55 pm » by Hesop

Dnile, the mind is a very powerrful thing, and you are going through a period of difficulty, and the unknown. Consider first the issue of gun safety. You must first know your weapon and it's care before going hunting or out for target practice. Failure to do so could easily result in an accident.
Therefore, keeping that thought in mind, you must also realize, that the tingley feeling could also be the conscious linking to the nevous system throughout your body. It may not necessarily mean that anything else extroidinary is happening. But, if you really want to believe something exceptional is happening, your mind will turn that into truth for you, when in fact, it may not be. So it is very important, to first understand, that the common self remedies (when faced with depression) is exceptionality. This is a deterrent to good health. As when these exceptionalities are exposed as false, even deeper depression can set in. We experience depression and setbacks when we develope "higher" expectations for ourselves that are seldom, if ever, reached. Expectations VS. dissapointment, in other words. The first BEST thing, then, to practice after a depression, is commonality. Know your limitations, and therefore prevent your mind from believing what may indeed be false thuths. It doesn't take exceptionality to confirm your worth as a human being. You are extremely valuable to those around you the way you are. The mind is very powerful, and can be tricked to believe that what in fact is far from real, a sudden reality.
OBE's and astral projections are most difficult for a beginner practitioner, when no outside trigger emtional provokation is present. Until repeated believed successes can be "confirmed" then, can you actually allow yourself to believe it actually occurred. Such as, projecting yourself to the presence of somone you know (but are not in constant contact with, or is aware of your attempt) and then having them call you to inform of your "wierd" presence. Or OBE traveling to an unfamiliar location, and taking note of details (types and colors of cars parked in certain locations - certain shaped trees - or seemingly out of place objects), then visiting these locations for confirmation.
My point is this then, do not allow yourself to believe something just because it is desired (that will allow your mind to play tricks on you), but because it is a "confirmed" reality. Feelings, are not facts. Always question what you know may be exceptional, to keep yourself in "check". Attend to those that are concerned for you. Their love runs deep, and their concern is justified. Put your attention for now on returning that love, and strengthening yourself. I feel for you. Good luck in all.

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PostFri Nov 21, 2008 10:12 pm » by Urubutriste

I dont want to be rude or anything but,about the tingling sensation,maybe its a stimuation on your brain where your cyst was removed

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PostSun Nov 23, 2008 10:01 pm » by Dnile

I haven't actually had the Cyst removed yet, and its not big enough or in such a position to be pushing on anything. It's not affecting my normal brain functions in other words.

The reason I was asking these questions earlier is because I feel like I am getting a physical response when I ask a question to what is essentially not there.

For instance, if I ask a question relating to my life, or if I am stressed, I find myself doing self talk, and then I almost immediately get a tingling sensation come from the middle of my back and then up down through my arms. This is usually almost associated with profound thoughts that seem to answer my own question just as soon as I pose it, and I find myself becoming more relaxed and not holding so much value in what this society has to offer.

I feel more and more everyday that things are edging forward, in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. I hope there are other who are experiencing something like this as well. I want to help others move towards disconnecting from the feelings of pressure, and depression.

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