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PostSun Jan 29, 2012 12:20 pm » by Svaha

The Voyagers detected that we've entered a vast cloud with high energy particles (nasa confirmed)

This cloud has an influence on our entire solar system, meaning also on humankind.
To put it simple it is as if we were placed into a microwave oven.

These high energy particles interact with the two magnetic fields of the planets changing them and these in turn change matter, they also interact of course with the fields of humankind.

that's why we see abrupt changes in the global climat, warming up of earth (as other planets) from the inside out, heating up means also an increasing pressure, meaning more earth quakes, volcanos, many oil wells into trouble, changing friction between the core and the 'crust'.

Also scientists have proven that matter is mutating (caused by the sun they state, caused by the change in the fields imo), most important, carbon is changing ... we are 'carbon based' beings.
Now ... if your form changes would that not affect your consciousness?

The singularity modell we use for instance for processors or memory are also valid for (wo)men, are also valid for humankind, are also valid for consciousness and I see many indications in the world that we're approaching a singularity.

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PostSun Jan 29, 2012 4:33 pm » by Richc

otoel wrote:
richc wrote:
otoel wrote:So dick err I mean rich, whats the connection between you and rich316?

Absolutely nothing at all mate. I promise you and everyone that i have never and will ever have a second username.

admin can confirm this.


No need to ask the mods, you have proven to be an honest man (the mods are mostly childish asshole btws) throughout my time here. It is simply a hilarious coincidence.

Cheers dude. :cheers: Nice to be seen as i really am.
Heres another coincidence.

Rik Clay = Rich Clay = Richc and i sign my posts RIK... :lol:

Wait, am i him back from the dead.? :think: :headscratch:

PS... You are unique oto and i love ya man. :hugging:

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