To Barack Hussein Obama,

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clawspiracy wrote:Without argument, here is a source of information. Fact is a fact.

Notice those numbers according to presidency? When Bush took over office, the Republicans, they inherited a surplus. We were ahead of the game. Then, Bush and his cronies engineered 911 and it all went away. Now we are screwed.

Fun Fact: We spent about $75 Million to find out if Bill Clinton really got a blowjob from Monica. However we only spent 15 Million investigating the deaths and incidents of 911. Those Republicans spend the money when the agenda suits them.

Personally, I love Ron Paul, but he was doomed by the media and their handlers.

Will Obama end Racism? No. Will he change the world? Maybe a couple of small countries at a time. While McCain was steaming mad that Vietnam was bust and the war was lost, Obama was studying the cultures that have an impact on our growth as a country. I heard and read many articles on how he has studied the Islamic culture, not to become it, not to convert it, or isolate it... But to understand its frustration with the west and perhaps begin to mend a rift that has gone on too long.

And this is something that he can do that I cannot see McCain doing. War is not the answer. I think Obama gets that. That's all. Right now, we need allies, not enemies.

Thank you. I always love it when Republicans scramble to come up with an answer to the above paradox.


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