Top 3 Conspiracy Sites Crash Same Time as Gov Shutdown

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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 11:16 am » by Spock

MYSTERY: Top 3 Conspiracy Theory Websites Crash At Same Time As Government Shutdown

Is this a conspiracy within a conspiracy? In a somewhat odd coincidence, around the same time that the government shutdown took effect, three of the major conspiracy theory websites crashed. The websites, and were all down late Monday night into Tuesday morning. later released a statement on Twitter claiming they had been hacked. At this point, there have no statements released from either godlikeproductions or lunaticoutpost.

While it is highly likely that these sites simply crashed due to heavy traffic, there is speculation that they may in fact be fronts for the NSA and DHS. It is well known that the NSA and DHS do not look kindly upon those of us who ask questions of the establishment. It is thought by some that these agencies have set up some websites as a way to lure in conspiracy theorists. allowing the agencies to know about them and track their activity.

So, is it merely coincidence that major conspiracy sites crash immediately following a government shutdown? It would be a common sense assumption that government agents running a front website to target and track conspiracy theorists would be considered “non-essential”, thus explaining their sudden crash after the government shutdown. Then again, what the NSA and DHS consider essential and non-essential is anyone’s guess.

Or it could just be that a lot of people are looking into the many various conspiracy theories, which is very probable given the conspiratorial way the government has been acting lately.
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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 12:01 pm » by Opalserpent

Nice post Spock man. Perhaps is not corporate owned yet.

That sure is suss alright. :look:

Still I will never forget our partition mystery failure earlier in the year. :robot: :vomit:
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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 12:14 pm » by Thruster

You said the 'Top Three' conspiracy web sites? Since Dtv is THE TOP numero uno conspiracy web site, all the rest are beneath us.

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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 1:03 pm » by Mattmarriott

All those three sites are managed by the illuminati web of disinfo, or in other words by the NSA.
The only difference: TRUTH at godlikeproductions might last a few days while at ats or lunaticpost is immediately deleted (a few exceptions, because it went unnoticed).

When "Germany delivered chemicals for weapons to Assad "until 2011" to be used against Jews - Why illuminati openly tell it NOW" was posted Oct 01, 2013 ...

... Last Prophet's words were still readable at all 3 godlikeproductions links , unlike 24 hours later:
- first link: reply of Last Prophet, together with dozens of other articles posted during the last days, now deleted; ... 368997/pg1

- second and third links, started by Last Prophet, now deleted.

As for the in the illuminati joke format of three sites "crashing" at the same time:
illuminati's religion of Hidden in plain sight, telling to the cattle that "we control all these conspiracy sites".
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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 1:03 pm » by Kinninigan


lunatic outpost is the one that surprises me, its servers are in the netherlands :think:

glp is run by a supposed zionest sympathizer named "trinity"

and ATS I checked out while I was still a debt collector over 5 yrs ago, I was gonna blackmail them to let me post reptilian threads..but I choose against it (i was a skip tracer, will irvine and skeptic overlord cant hide from kinninigan)...but when I seen they were all freemason I said screw it, because my managers at my job where trying to get me to join the masons, my occult knowledge scared them!... :scary:

Took me 2 yrs after that little research to decide to come to DTV..never posted anywhere else

and my IP address is not banned anywhere so I troll the other forums all the time to see whats going on in conspiracy land

Note too, ATS puts ALOT of tracking cookies in your browser when you visit there site :twisted:



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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 2:31 pm » by Slith

There's other conspiracy sites???


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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 2:55 pm » by 99socks

And to think, all those "free speech!" whiners complain because DTV is privately owned. :twisted:

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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 3:03 pm » by The57ironman

99socks wrote:And to think, all those "free speech!" whiners complain because DTV is privately owned. :twisted:

Slith wrote:There's other conspiracy sites???


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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 3:35 pm » by Willease

Because ATS is online now, I would guess it was due to overwhelming traffic on it's servers.
I loath GLP so I haven't checked it's status. As for LOP...made the top 3 list...really? :roll:

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PostWed Oct 02, 2013 5:51 pm » by Savwafair2012

Conspiracy Theory Websites Crash At Same Time As Government Shutdown

Does the fact that three of the top ‘conspiracy theory’ websites in the world crashed at the same time as the US government shutdown occurred prove that said websites are front organizations owned by the CIA or NSA as a data mining operation? Are the websites, and owned by the US government? It’s long been known that merely mentioning Tavistock or Stanford Research on GLP will get you banned; I’ve tested it several times in the past. If these websites aren’t owned by the govt, then why did they all crash at the same time as the shutdown? We all know that governments love their deception of the masses as the video below shares. Conspiracy Reddit is having a blast with this one.

ALL DOWN virtually at the same time.

Surprisingly this happens just as the govt shut down hits. Abovetopsecret has made public, through its tweeter account, that they have been attacked. No further information has been posted. Their rival sites GLP and LunaticOutpost have made no announcements.

The question is, are these sites NSA/DHS fronts? According to internet maps, all of them closely neighbor the NSA plus other govt websites.

Does anyone believe in coincidences any more?


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