Top 70 Reasons 9/11 was a Conspiracy

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ramondelft wrote:
phaeton wrote:
ramondelft wrote:Then take a look at this site ( this is really a must. There is a large suspected indicating that they have made use of Directed Energy Weapons on 9/11.
She also did some research into the John Hutchison case,
a short brief who this man is.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada in an apartment that he has completely stuffed with electronic equipment.

Hutchison has been in his apartment been experimenting with scalar waves, in which he used Tesla coils and a Van de Graaff generator. By radio wave interference of low power but high voltages of hundreds of kilovolts, he discovered amazing effects such as:

* Levitation of heavy metals
* Fusion of dissimilar materials
* Anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material in the
* Strange fracturing in metals.

All these effects on video and he has his discoveries to many qualified scientists and famous people who are now supporting him financially. The Hutchinson effect is demonstrated in movies on the Internet. In his movies we see objects floating in space and metals vibrating as if they are puddings. There is even a heavy cannon ball levitates. He is able to demonstrate the fusion of different materials such as wood and metal. The wood simply submerges into the metal and when the Hutchinson device is switched off, the wood remains as if it is glued into the metal! Similarly, he coins in molten aluminum rods.

Experiments have defy all laws of nature! His anti-gravity waves have different properties and the space-time itself seems to change. He is able to melt metals without any burn marks or obvious heat radiation. Materials such as timber products be kept away from the metal is melted were not burned! It simply defies the laws of thermodynamics, which states that at least one heat radiation should be. On Somehow his device seems the normal arrangement of the atoms in the material to disrupt. It's like the Van der Waals forces that bind the atoms in the material are shut off and the atoms are released into a new configuration to be cast.

But I want to point out that this technology, well be applied to the Twin Towers 9 / 11.
Due to the steel columns turn into dust, there is also footage of the (WTC steel columns turn to dust on 9 / 11? On youtube).
This can only happen through exotic weapons, because you see clearly in this movie that the steel column remains intact and a few seconds. Then it falls apart and turns into dust (you can see how the wind takes the dust!)
Since I wanted to speculate!
sorry for my poor english.....
Greetings all

And a warm welcome to you Ramon, interesting info dude.. Kudo's :flop:

Thanks to you also my friend!!! :cheers:

Excellent to see people discussing this! Here is some more information on Mr. Hutchison and The Hutchison Effect in case you are interested:

Mr. Hutchison's informal research is based on Nikola Tesla's research from many years ago. He has been able to generate and reproduce several anomalous effects using directed energy interference with very little power, sometimes less than is needed to power a light bulb. Here are some important videos, photos, and documents:

1. Boyd Bushman, a Senior Scientist of Lockheed Martin, on The Hutchison Effect:

2. The Hutchison Effect - Science Channel Documentary:

3. The Hutchison Effect & Free Energy - LightworksAV Documentary (Part 2 of 2):

4. Image

5. Image

6. Image

7. Image

8. Image

9. John Hutchison has filed an affidavit in Dr. Wood's court case, to legally testify to the numerous similarities between The Hutchison Effect and the 9/11 attacks. You can see a copy of it here or at his website:

10. Colonel Tom Bearden on Military Energy Weapons (1985) related to The Hutchison Effect & 9/11:

Extra: Free Energy Technology Suppressed Since Nikola Tesla First Discovered It

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the posts .........and welcome my friend!!!

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ya, nice stuff pookzta!

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