Mind Away from Body - Astral Projection?

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 4:11 am » by Spock

That's insanely awesome, I am sooo jacked about this. FINALLY! The only difference in what you are seeing and me, is that the people never seem to be aware of my presence. I have wondered if I would be a ghost to them.

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 5:06 am » by Chillitiger

Great post Spock.

You are not alone. Seems like a few of us have had these experiences. I have had a few "visions" Once I closed my eyes and in an instant I was standing in front of the pyramids. Scared the crap out of me! only lasted a second opened, my eyes quick smart.

I have had others as well. I can't give any advice though. Not sure what part of reality we are dealing with.

One thing however, is often my tunnel looks like being on the inside of a "Rainbow Serpent" and being an Australian, the rainbow serpent is the creation figure in aboriginal mythology. (I am not aboriginal by the way)

But I never have the courage to get to the end. I always wake myself up. My visions are always "spontaneous" and no they aren't prophetic and often seem irrelevant. Hmm the mysteries of the universe

Let us know what else happens

I am intrigued.
Yes i'll admit it.... I think Max Keiser is a LEGEND

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 5:24 am » by Baboogdi

Monroe stated in his experiences he encountered beings but he learned to deal with it. I'm not ready to chalk this up to demons just yet.

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 11:10 am » by Bravo69

Look up Dr. Melvin Morse for NDEs'... he studied young people because he believed that they hadn't been "spoiled" yet... very interesting. I agree with one idea that was presented here earlier (don't remember who posted it), once you open this can of worms, there isn't any going back...

I am not trying to shit you, I believe that I have been on the verge of insanity for over 40 years now... way too often, I pick up on ideas, or vibes, or visions -- whatever you care to call it -- I believe I have spent way too much time near the "border"... I can't explain it rationally.. it comes and goes... and, no, I was never a druggie or heavy smoke.. beer, yes though...

My being often causes me huge paranoia.. sometimes brings me to tears.. could be chemical imbalances, not sure, but I often feel the presence of others while I am alone -- and many times when I am in the presence of others, I become overwhelmed by all of the vibes.......

For me it began with "The Sleeping Prophet" by Jesse Stearn... "There is a River" by Thomas Sugrue... "Silva Mind Control" by Jose Silva... "The Power of Alpha Thinking" by Jesse Stearn... back in 1980, I took my (now X) wife to a Silva class... after 2 days she could project her thoughts into my head..
example: one time I was going up to the corner deli to grab some beers... halfway there, I got this compelling thought to pick up a pack of Marlboros... when I got home she asked me if I got her cigarettes.. this is not a joke...

Don't get me wrong, back in '69 I was in Nam -- well, if you ever pounded ground in that jungle, your senses became quite proficient.. I could smell them... I could hear them... sometimes I could feel them.. who?? Charlie.. or NVA.. did not matter.. perhaps this has livened up my senses.. think??? Ha ha ha..

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you... once you open these doors, there is no closing them.. obviously, I wasn't prepared for it.. good luck...

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 11:58 am » by Spock

Bravo69 wrote: many times when I am in the presence of others, I become overwhelmed by all of the vibes.......

I know this feeling all too well. I have told my wife about it, but at the expense of sounding paranoia. She just doesn't understand. But there are times when I walk through my house that I feel as if someone is standing and looming over my shoulder. Or I just get the feeling someone is in the room. My house is not haunted, and this has been going on for years.

Thanks goodness for dogs. My dog stays by my side wherever I go, and she never seems to feel bothered, so as long as she isn't concerned I feel okay.

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 12:46 pm » by MickyMouse

Spock, can you inbox me mate? Just wanted to chat to you further re all this - an awesome read, and almost identical story here, almost identical method of getting there and when i scrolled to your tunnel that was a freak out - exact same thing! Anyway man, if you get a sec, would love to explore it further!

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 12:54 pm » by Spock

Sure MickeyMouse - I am about to get ready for work. Maybe hook up with me on Skype (cosmiccircle).

I'll drop you a PM later this morning as my browser from home never works for the messaging system for some reason. Love to explore this further with you!

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 2:04 pm » by Svaha

I tried obe's (Monroe) a few times, but they were not my 'thing', it was similar to readings where I ended up in the middle of the experience of the persons I did the reading for, or being overwhelmed with the 'pain' of others.
In these situations I was no longer a (neutral) observer, but deep in the swamp of emotions.

On the other hand, I'm no favorite of thinking everything away, emotions that are not blocked are capacities.
I learned to find a balance in this, aware of the experience/the other, also aware of the rest of the 'world', aware of my borders.

The method I use could be described as shamanic journey.
Follow your bliss(ters) - Joseph Campbell

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 3:17 pm » by Termite

Wow Spock! You write very well. Conveyed the experience in great detail. I tried similar things at the same age but I ended up with different results. Great read.

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PostThu Nov 08, 2012 3:23 pm » by Spock

Funny, just got in one of our quarterly catalogs and right there on the front cover - our tagline - a damn misspelled word.

Just had 50,000 of them printed, 25,000 shipped. I hate print media.



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