Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano

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PostFri May 20, 2011 3:46 pm » by Newearthman

rahkriga wrote:
newearthman wrote:
captchaos wrote:Maybe if it wasnt translated into 4 different languages all played at the same time. i dont have the mental strength to listen to this for a hour, sorry bet its really good. :(

I guess I should have watched the vid first :oops: I read only the link. It seemed to ring a few bells for me.

Try posting AFTER youve watched it so youll know if its worth others time. This is really hard to watch man. Im sure there good info there, but its unbearable to go thru

So the vid sucks, my bad...just read the link, it will be worth your time!

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PostFri May 20, 2011 4:02 pm » by 99socks

kaarmaa wrote:But were is the point of being an Indigo person if the world doesn't benefit from it.
It would be like Jesus coming back without doing the stuff he did before. Just a normal person with a very high sensitivity and empathy.

I am sure many of them got beaten down and destroyed by that very same sensitivity and empathy they were gifted to share with others. I am sure many don't see or understand the value of what they have, since society as a whole does not see or understand the value and hence outright rejects anyone who has it. But I am sure that there are some (who are not becoming huge world leaders), but quietly sowing seeds.

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PostFri May 20, 2011 4:21 pm » by Svaha

Put seeds and cover them. Blades will sprout where you do your work. –Rumi
Follow your bliss(ters) - Joseph Campbell


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