Trading Gold And Silver To be made Illegal ...July 15

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Guys guys guys ... Can't see ???
FED printing money like crazy, they need customers to "buy" their paper...
if you guys start to prefer to have gold on your accounts, the value of what they are trying to "sell" you goes down and they will eventually lose their monopoly.
They tell you they want to protect you! BULLSHIT!!! you just get scammed....
At this point, from FED's point of view, gold and silver are a dangerous competitor to their more and more worthless product (the dollar)...
They will do anything to keep their monopoly, including do as much as they can to prevent people from using any other currency -thats includes gold and silver- to do their transactions...
If they could confiscate privately held gold, they would do so. This is a first step...

Every monopoly work this way, you have to use government and laws to protect yourself (not consumers) from any competitor, then you have to pretend victims are in fact winning from it. This is absolutely classical but people are still falling for it.

Maybe you guys in USA are not used to have monopolies, but I used to live in a small island with a lot of them and what I can tell is that its always this song again and again.

(Recent example: the telecomunication company blocked Skype (!!!) because people would use it to call for free instead of using their super expensive services... then they tell you that they want to protect the quality of internet so they need to block skype.... and some customers will fall for that explanation... its beyond understanding...)


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