Travis Walton Hoax Evidence

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"Further polygraph tests organized by various teams for Travis Walton, Mike Rogers (the driver with the inconclusive original Polygraph test) and Duane Walton proved to be both incorrectly carried out and extremely flawed. Walton at times was allowed to dictate the number and type of questions asked, which should of rendered the entire thing invalid immediately. The Polygraph examiner was a man named George Pfeiffer, a relatively unexperienced polygraher as he'd only been doing it for two years; upon asking Travis at one point if "Before November 5, 1975, were you a UFO buff?" to which Travis gave a "no" answer he judged this answer as a truthfull answer. Even though it was well documented by his mother and his brother Duane that he was indeed a UFO buff.

George Pfeiffer's employer and Superior Tom Ezell later reviewed the polygraph charts and openly concluded that it was impossible to determine if Walton and Duane were answering the test questions truthfully. Ezell went on to state "Upon review of this examination, I find that to me it is not acceptable. In the first place I would not be a party to an examination in which the subject dictated the questions to be asked.....Because of the dictation of the questions to be asked, this test should be invalidated. Also, upon examining the resultant charts, I find that I cannot give an opinion one way or another whether the subjects had been truthful or not."

Walton claims that this is a lie detector test that he passed.

It was later revealed that Walton had actually failed an earlier polygraph examination miserably. This information had been covered up by the APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) who had been claiming the Walton case to be "one of the most important and intriguing in the history of the UFO phenomena."..........Bit embarrasing eh?. The earlier failed polygraph exam was carried out by an extremely experienced Polygrapher. His report........"Gross deception." He was then asked to never speak of this exam by the National Enquirer and APRO."

Very interesting.

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