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PostSun Jan 29, 2012 12:25 am » by Troll2rocks

2020vision wrote:
debunkerace wrote:You are only fooling yourself.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc was founded in 1987 as Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. renamed Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. on August 7, 1991

On September 28, 1989, Sony Corporation obtained an option to purchase all of The Coca-Cola Company's stake (49%) in Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Independantly my ass.

Hollywood is just a term meaning the entire movie (propaganda) industry.

And the fact that you mention Close encounters of the third kind is very telling to me, because it played a major roll in the brainwashing regarding UFO's.

Well said!

''The Footage'' springs to mind.

Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.


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