Trolls DTV Diary (Day 2)

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20th May 2011

Additional note.

01:28am I caught sight of myself in the mirror as I masturbated, I pull really funny faces lol. I may pitch that idea to the studio tomorrow, a fun quirky compilation type show where we show the faces of people who are just about to orgasm, "just" the faces, in extreme close up, and slow motion where ever possible. We could select the best examples from around the world and have votes for the publics favorite, use laughter tracks instead of the porn audio, we could even add classical music too, to make it up market. We could call it "People Pull the Funniest Faces at Climax" or a little edgier "Orgasm Face", but no way should we have to resort to "Spunked" as a riff on "punked", no fucking way!. Ryan Seacrest should host, and that should speak spades about what the demographic for this show should be. Why am I crying ? I can feel my scrotum pulling up into my abdomen, I think my body is trying to reject my penis =(

A Prophecy!!!!

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How many of these diary entries are we going to have to endure before someone realizes it belongs in the junk pile?

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