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I very much enjoyed season one. It was very faithful to Dead Until Dark, except that small characters like Tara and Lafayette were expanded, and you get everyone's point of view, not just Sookie's. Also, Bill has more depth here, and you see things from his point of view, and you understand him better. Other storylines were added, like the emphasis on "V" addiction, which makes sense. Season two has taken things to a whole other level and I love it so far. I can't wait for the blu-ray release! From the very beginning, the show has very sexually explicit scenes, most of which centered on Jason's exploits, and some violence as well, with a great deal of emphasis to vampire hatred as the new form of southern racism/segregation. Season two takes things further, with gore and horror replacing the sex (there's still plenty of it though), and the fledging out of characters like Eric, Tara and Lafayette (whose death does not happen in the TV series). MaryAnn is the mysterious creature that makes a brief appearance in Living Dead in Dallas, but is expanded on the TV version to the point that she almost takes over the entire show. Jessica, Bill's "daughter," puzzled me at first. What's the purpose to this character? But I like her now, especially after Hoyt becomes her love interest. And I love the emphasis on vampire makers, like Lorena and Godric, the latter of whom moved me almost to tears in the last episode that he's in (plus, the actor who plays him is totally hot). I don't want to ruin it for people who don't have HBO and have to wait for the DVD or blu-ray release, but, in spite of the departures from the books, it's better than season one.
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You watch WAY to much fantasy TV. BYE!
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