Truth Movement Fraud ; Hemp Fuel Revolution 2011

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PostWed Feb 09, 2011 3:03 pm » by Malogg

99socks wrote:
themammaryman wrote:Well some folks just don`t like the real truth too much.

Great post. Having spent years trying to educate people of these facts, I`m glad to see that more and more people are realising the truth.

One police force in the UK did ask for it to completely legalized around four years ago. Unfortunately this did reveal to the powers that be, the onset of the real truth and peoples ability to decide what`s good for them by themselves. It was promptly returned to class"B" with more deceptions and falsehoods to justify the reclassification.

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PostWed Feb 09, 2011 3:36 pm » by Boondox681

the PTB aren't afraid of legalizing weed,they're afraid of hemp becoming legal,after the fact.
announce that your for legalizing weed,and george soros will give you a million dollars.
announce that your for legalizing hemp and he may just put a hit out on you.

great post,my man


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