Turkey points missiles towards Syria amid threats

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Turkey has rotated its NATO Patriot missiles batteries towards Syria. The move comes after a chemical attack hit Damascus on August 21st . Western countries along with their allies in the region have blamed the Syrian government but Damascus blames the rebels. Syria's Ambassador to the U.N Bashar Jaffari claimed the militants used toxic chemical gas against the Syria army.

In the mean time one of the U.S closest allies the UK has voted against military action in Syria.

But military analyst Mete Acinci claims this is a big move for the U.K and is the first time the country says no to a war spearheaded by the United States. He also says the people of the region have had enough and can not be pushed so easily into war. But he did say that covert operations may be the next step.

Moreover, Damascus has sternly warned Turkey that any military intervention in the country would be no walk in the park for Ankara.

In the mean time, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davoudoglu has urged the U.S to take serious measures in Syria in order to pressure the government to participate in Geneva talks. Many people believe Ankara's rhetoric will only cause more bloodshed for Turkey

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