Two-headed fish larvae in Oz

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MILLIONS of fish larvae have been found in a river in Australia — with two heads.

Reports claim chemical contamination from farm runoff is to blame for the phenomenon in the Noosa River, Queensland.

The disfigured larvae are thought to have been affected by either the insecticide endosulphan or the fungicide carbendazim.

Former NSW fisheries scientist and aquaculture veterinarian Matt Landos has called on the Federal Government to ban the chemicals and urgently find replacements.

Dr Landos said about 90 per cent of larvae spawned at the Sunland Fish Hatchery from bass taken from the river were deformed and all died within 48 hours.

"It certainly looks like the fish have been exposed to something in the river," Dr Landos said.

"I wouldn't like to be having kids and living next to a place that uses these chemicals and I wouldn't like to be drinking tank water where they are in use."

Hatchery owner Gwen Gilson blames chemicals used by macadamia farmers for the deformities.

She said: "Some embryos split into two heads, some had two equal heads and a small tail and some had one big long head and a small tail coming out of the head."

Farmers nearby declined to comment.

Dr Landos added that there was no danger for people either swimming or eating fish from the Noosa River because if chemicals were in the water, levels would likely be exceedingly low.

The Federal Environment Department has been asked to investigate.,27574,24 ... 62,00.html

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PostSat Jan 17, 2009 10:53 pm » by Nightowl

No doubt there will be another coverup. For Dr Landos to say there is no danger to swim in the chemical say's it all!!

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