Two Witness / Photograph UFO over Warrington, near Liverpool

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Two Witness / Photograph UFO over Warrington, near Liverpool, England


(just outside) Liverpool, England - October 14, 2009

We (me and my partner) live just outside Liverpool, UK. We took the photos shown below on the evening of the 14/10/09.

I was watching a soccer match on TV when my partner, who was smoking outside, came running in saying, "Come and have a look at this."

To our amazement we had a wonderful ten minute encounter with a UFO.

It was a really cold crisp evening, not a cloud in the sky, very clear, and the moon was almost full. We watched the object for around 3 minutes move from east to west from the back door of our home.

The object stopped dead in the night sky, above the town centre here in Warrington were we live, no more than 500 meters up and 500 meters in front of our back door.

It stayed above the town for around 5 minutes, moving slightly left and slightly to the right.

With the reflection of the moon on the silver disk, we could clearly make out the object was rotating, the power source underneath the craft changed/pulsated colour from a deep orange/red to a pink/red, to a yellow/gold colour during the sighting.

We took some still pictures with the digital camera with the flash on, but when we did, the object shot straight up into the air probably doubling in height in a second or two, pulsating and changing colour.

The object slowly faded away, but within 5 minutes it was back in the same spot in the night sky doing what it had done before for a few more minutes before finally fading away.

My first encounter with a UFO was great to watch, I was slightly scared but seeing what we did finally answered some questions I have always asked with regards to, "Are we alone in the Universe?"

Pictures taken on a 2 mega pixel camera phone, I have also got a video of the object.



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PostTue Jun 29, 2010 5:58 am » by Otomon

Um you realize that is just a picture of a red light on black background? That could be anything, you need to have panoramic pictures to even come close to "evidence".

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