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PostSat Nov 13, 2010 9:38 pm » by Anuki

Youtube user http://www.youtube.com/user/Appilachi... films the same thing alison kruse has been filming, turns out it is just air planes like we all ready knew.

phatvik456 wrote: MUFON has deemed her stuff to shocking to even examine.

to shocking ?

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PostSat Nov 13, 2010 10:14 pm » by Redwoodrick

I will share with you all an experience I had deep in the the mountains of the Big Sur Range in California.Hopefully this will help to clear things up for those of you who see these things as spacecraft.
I was in a canyon 25 miles from the nearest road, on a solitary wilderness adventure.I was camped in a rugged canyon atop the mountain range near the summit.Late at night I noticed a shimmering light about the size of a large star shining through my tent.It began to get brighter,so out of curiosity I climbed out to have a look.What I saw was an extremely bright,shimmering object getting bigger and bigger as it cam closer to my camp.I thought it must be a plane but then I saw it begin to rise straight up into the air.It continued to rise straight up into the air,getting brighter and brighter.At this point I began to get a tingly feeling in my spine and think about how alone I was way out there and wonder if something very unusual might be about to happen.The light was still getting bigger and brighter.Now it was the size of the full moon.And it was coming towards me at nearly tree level pretty fast.There was absolutely no sound at all.Silence.Then an orange globe appeared beneath the brilliant white light and the whole thing began getting much closer to me and much brighter.At this point I was pretty sure I was going to be abducted or something.The dam thing was silent and coming closer really fast.The orange thing beneath it was getting brighter too.By the time it was nearly above me at close to tree top level I had seriously considered pissing myself.When it got right above me I began to hear it's quiet engine.
It was a specially outfitted plane with a thermographic camera (orange globe) flying an ascent pattern up the mountain right towards my location.Federal plane with night vision out looking for pot growers.
The thing is,the way it looked.If I had taken video you would have seen what I saw and heard no noise at all but the crickets,and you would be sure it was a UFO.
It was an optical illusion.
The headlight of the plane coming right at me was incredibly brilliant and seemed to grow larger without moving at all.Coming right at me while gaining altitude made it appear to be rising straight up.Lights seem to appear and disappear when the aircraft turns.There are many many different types and colors of flashing lights on aircraft.And helicopters??Don't even get me started..I have watched helicopters on military training exercises for hours at night.Looks freaky.
Now ask yourself if it is more likely that this lady who lives between three airports is filming circling aircraft,or alien vehicles circling airports pretending to be planes for some reason.
'Nuff Said :roll:
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