ufo appears at re enactment of christ enthronement?

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ufo appears at re enactment of christ enthronement? :alien: http://www.noticiasvillaguay.com.ar/not ... 19182.html

A UFO at the enthronement of Christ of the Brotherhood?


With a few weeks apart, once appeared a striking silhouette against the sky villaguayense, recorded as accidental. On this occasion, the camera was the newspaper EL PUEBLO which captured the strange object while covering the blessing of Christ of the Brotherhood.

A few weeks ago, we published an article on this page about a strange object appeared on one of the photographs taken at the flying club, while conducting a meeting of modelers. The image, taken and verified by the house staff photographic façades can not be identified with precision.

On Monday, exactly 1 month and 1 day after the event, another UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) was discovered in the sky villaguayense, this time in a photo recorded by the camera of THE PEOPLE.

Our photographer took several pictures of the event straight from a panoramic view, in order to catch everything that was happening on the farm located at the edge of the northern access. But the object appeared in only one of them, precluding a spot on the lens of the camera, or similar circumstance.

Experts in photography respondents said without hesitation that the object appears in the sky, but could not define what it is. The enlargement of the image shows an ovoid figure, unlike any known bird or plane.

We leave the consideration of our readers, the possible explanations that may arise for a very special phenomenon. (The People)


http://www.noticiasvillaguay.com.ar/not ... 19182.html :alien:

Appeared in the other three photos you see the UFO
http://www.noticiasvillaguay.com.ar/not ... 20190.html :alien:


The image of an unidentified flying object that crosses the sky Villaguay while performing the act of enthronement of Christ Brotherhood, on Monday Oct. 12, generated an impressive impact at provincial and national level. This caused other residents of Villaguay review the images taken that day further, to try to discover the object.

Two casual photographers managed to find their own pictures in the small "dot" in the sky, which apparently went unnoticed for many villaguayenses who participated in the ceremony of blessing of the sculpture, and was only "seen" by the cameras.

A neighbor sent two pictures via your email: one taken the same Monday 12 and Saturday captured another 10.

In the first, apparently the photographer tried to register an image of the procession, just before his arrival at the property where the statue stands, and on top of making you look at the strange presence of an object.

Unfortunately, the photo is low resolution and zoom it impossible to observe more closely. However, the figure is seen clearly.

Another photo from that day captured by someone else, with another camera, shows almost imperceptibly elongated silhouette sideways over a set of silos. The image, in this case, the captured Marcela Meza, who performs on press for the local municipality.

The third image, also sent by e-mail, was recorded by a resident of the city two days before the formal inauguration of Christ, ie Saturday 10. In this case, there is a black dot in the upper left corner of the image.

Although the analysis of photographs is a matter for specialists, it is clear from the repeated appearance of the object which is not a "speck" on a lens. Something, an unlikely bird, a strange plane, in short, an unidentified flying object-groove that Monday, and perhaps also on Saturday, the sky Villaguay.

Great impact


The publication of the photo that appears the UFO caused an unexpected impact on the media in the province and other parts of Argentina.

Both newspapers published the news of Paraná (one of them on its cover), the newscast of Channel 9 Buenos Aires a few minutes devoted to the event and dozens of websites reproduced the sighting of the strange object.

But in addition, the group Vision Ovni, which gathers Victoria neighbors interested in the subject of the alleged visits of extraterrestrials called this newspaper to make the original photo with the expert analysis Salvatore Carta.


http://www.noticiasvillaguay.com.ar/not ... 20190.html :alien:

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